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    Just curious if any other buildings have D.A.R. It's a device that's covertly hidden (internally or externally). It tracks movement basically recording information such as durations times, dates, speeds, etc.. Then it's detached and uploaded to a computer or the data is examined on google earth or live for precise satellite pictures. It then shows actual movement in or around buildings, down streets, etc..
    It's a relatively cheap system that 1 ups telematics by providing an actual picture.
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    If they have this, do they have cameras in the bathrooms?
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    If u r doing yourjob it doesnt matter
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    lol in the bathroom of course
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    Well, I reached the end of the yellow brick road. Cheryl, time to close browncafe and just have the above quote appear when someone accesses the web page. Anything else would be commentary. Thanks shrimpfire for making it all so lucidly clear and simple.
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    We have it in 2 area buildings I know of
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    OH lord, I KNEW it! haha
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    We all know about that stuff. It old hat. This is ups going green. saving on paper by watching on the provicy of a computer while getting all the same information as telematics.

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    I experienced this firsthand this week.

    I got brought into the office to explain a 72 min gap during my lunch period. They showed me a map and showed my last stop and what time I stop completed, then they showed my first stop after lunch and when I completed that.

    The DM red flagged me because this is considered stealing time. According to our NEW rules, my lunch STARTS when I stop complete my last stop. So when I drove to the convenience store to wash my hands and get a cold drink, my lunch was in effect.

    They are redflagging anything over 65 minutes during lunch breaks and 15 minutes during regular breaks. I was told UPS is losing money hand over fist and they won't tolerate employees stealing time.

    Now I know how the world would work IF the Nazi's had won. :knockedout:
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    Check underneath your package car it's a small device uysually hidden there
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    On Monday bring your lunch into the last business or with you as you DR your res and as soon as you hit complete sit down and take your lunch right there. Once the weird looks/complaints begin give them your DM`s phone number and let him handle it.
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    You need to file a grievance on this (paid for time). Your lunch does not start with the completion of your last stop before lunch. It starts when you are not on company time (take the key out of your ignition). You do not operate their vehicle while off the clock.
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    Your lunch starts when you get to your lunch destination NOT at your last stop! Management tried to pull this one on us a while back -- You cannot drive your package car around when you're off the clock! If you get in an accident & you're off the clock - then what ?!?
  16. Coldworld

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    true, but the problem seems to be SOME drivers going way off area and then starting their lunch...then driving all the way back to restart. There has to be a meeting point where you can drive to find food but arent going in excess. Its always one extreme or another for both ups and some employees...then the rest of the crew get caught in the crossfire. You are right about NEVER drive while off the clock. What do you all think is an acceptable time or miles number for finding somewhere to eat or park???
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    We have this system in our building too. It's amazing to watch it. The supe really never has to leave his desk now to "watch" you anymore. The driver in question had better not have too many minutes between stops without an explanation.

    This is the main reason that I started my "daily diary" of my UPS day awhile back. Everything is written down that affected me and my route. What mood management was in, PCM's of any importance, who is scheduled off (dependability has come into play a our center lately). It's really gotten down to CYA lately and we all better start making sure we are all covered. If they want to "get" you, they will.
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    only if you going in the back of the truck. In a bottle I hope.:angry-very2:
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    :peaceful:we have feeder drvs who leave the yard in the tractors to get lunch.come back 15/20 min later then p/o for lunch.only a matter of time before that comes crashing down on us.
  20. dilligaf

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    I hear ya Helen. I'm thinking I will have to go back to do a daily log again. It's getting bad out there. We have one driver here that calls in sick nearly every fri. including yesterday. It's getting old. I get threatened with a warning letter for calling in and with the other driver it is business as usual.