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    I don't know if they're trying to establish a new precedent, what could they be thinking? Last week I had and incident with a dog. She ran into the street as I was passing the house and attempted to bite a tire. She tumbled along the side of the package car and scraped her chin and rear leg, was otherwise uninjured (had I not been working extremely safe she would probably be a memory now...I was moving slowly and using all applicable habits.) Anyway, the owner was in the yard, saw the whole thing, said she shouldn't have been in the road. Previous bid driver has had the same dog run under his moving package car twice (I was unaware of this before).
    Anyway, I was extremely shaken. I waited until I finished speaking with the owner (gave him my name & # so he could let me know how the pup did at the vet, only scrapes as I said), and fell apart on my way back to the package car, not knowing what kind of injuries she had. She was limping favoring a rear leg and peed on herself. I am a die-hard dog lover and I know how rapidly they can decline after injury. I boo-hood like a toddler and called my on-car to tell him about the incident. Also called my hubby. I then proceeded to safely finish my route, crying for an hour until the owner called me to tell me the dog was fine. He also said that his dog fence was broken and that he would fix it during his vacation this past week.
    All of this was Friday. On Monday management tried to get me to sign something called and Auto Crash Investigation Report. I refused. I had a two hour safety ride and had to complete a Tier 1 Assessment. Tuesday I was threatened with discipline, until of course I called a steward in. I signed the darn thing under protest and attached my own statement just to stop their harrassment.
    By the way, there is a leash law in our county.
    I think I deserve a pat on the back for working safely, avoiding serious injury to this furry little law-breaker, and acting professionally in light of the extreme stress the incident placed on my psyche. Instead I get an accident investigation because they say the man could lie and say I was on his property and sue for the vet bill. Hubby says they have opened themselves up to a law suit from the guy BY investigating it as an accident (rather than an incident). And I gave them the man's number and address and asked them Monday what kind of investigation were they conductiong that didn't include speaking with the dog owner? They said it wasn't necessary b/c I spoke with him.
    Tuesday the previous bid driver attempted to tell them about his experiences with the dog running under his truck. He was told, "Stay out of it."
    I am a good driver, good employee. Well, two years safe driving and run about 20 over scratch. Management, my co-workers and customers tend to like me. Why are they after me? At least that's how it feels...
    The grievance will contain the words harrassment and discrimination, among many others. Discrimination because I have found many drivers over the past week that have hit and killed dogs (keeping in mind that I didn't even hit this one, she attacked my truck!) and never been put through all of this. <----Harrassment, because the whole thing shoulda been dropped once they determined the dog was in the street. And if they don't trust my word, they should have called the owner.
    Any comments welcome. I'm puzzled and down right shocked. Thanks in advance for your time.
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    Thorough description of incident and consequential actions.
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    Since your vehicle was attacked by the dog, and not the other way around, Management invoked the policy of Blaming the Victim.

    Since you were doing everything right, and even expressed your concern about the dog's wellbeing to the dog's owner, Management invoked the policy that No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.

    Welcome to UPS!
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    "Water off a ducks back"

    Be the duck, Hubrat. Let them do their little investigation. Really, how's it going to affect your career? Not at all.

    I would have RTSd their form, however.
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    next time RTS!!!
  6. over9five

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    BTW Hubrat, where ya been?

    Welcome back!
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    Kudos to you for being able to overcome your grief and safely finish the route. I'm a dog lover too.

    Try to remember that nothing that UPS does at this point is personal. They are attempting to protect themselves from a lawsuit. They could care less about any stress or grief you might be dealing with. Their lawyers are making the decisions now, and your immediate sup is nothing more than a yes-man who shuffles the paperwork and does what he is told.

    As a practical matter, no disciplinary action taken against you for the incident as described would ever be upheld at panel. They are free of course to "charge" you with an accident and withold a safe driving award if they so choose, but thats about it. I doubt they will even do that. In my district, hitting an animal that is running loose on a public right-of-way is automatically deemed to be unavoidable and we are instructed to stay on the road and maintain control of the vehicle even if it means running over the animal.

    Hang in there, it sounds like the dog is OK and hopefully this will light a fire under the owners ass to be responsible and keep his dog secured. Your management will of course have their shorts in a knot over it for a few days but that too shall pass.
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    This is pretty bazaar, Hubrat. I have never heard of an investigation of a non-accident like this. Dog runs into the road, local leash law, and dog owner doesn't contact UPS. You just mentioned it to your management team as a precaution. Tier 1 Investigation and you are threatened with possible discipline? Somebody in your office needs to find something better to do with their time. I have ran over killed probably a dozen in 25 years, I called them in and never heard anything else about them.

    Jon Frum mentioned "UPS blaming the victim", in this case you. That phrase stuck out to me after an incident Friday. My wife was sitting still in traffic waiting for a redlight and was struck from behind in a minor fender bender. The other driver claimed my wife rolled backwards and hit her, she was on her cellphone talking to her husband and he was her witness. The police officer comes up and takes the other driver's word and writes up that my wife rolled back and hit her. Craziest thing I have ever heard, our insurance company is siding with us. I was wondering if the officer was a former supervisor with us.
  9. Baba gounj

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    Just last week I stopped for a person in the crosswalk, the cop behind me didn't. Just a slight bump, no damage to either vehicle. I did nothing wrong, I was following the law.
    So how come they have to retrain me ?
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    UPS does not care about the employees only their profit totals.

    Everything that goes into your record, everything, can and will be used against you down the road if they feel they need to unload you.

    We had a guy wrongly accussed of something years ago and it was his word vs John Q Public.

    He was never on the radar. NEVER.

    Suddenly he is fired over an accusation. They had every report that had any tiny little thing on him at the panels. He lost.

    Funny thing is I never saw him in the office in over 5 years I knew him.

    Just because they do not use it on you today does not mean they will not use it on you down the road.

    File two grievances. One two protest it. Second one to declare harassment.
  11. MC4YOU2

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    Driver here got a warning letter for getting bitten by a pig while DRing at a farm. Claimed he failed to work safely! Always CYA, you know UPS will cover theirs.
  12. Johney

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    Scratch I hope your wife's car has a standard transmission.
  13. dilligaf

    dilligaf IN VINO VERITAS

    That would be funny if it was an automatic! LOL
  14. mattwtrs

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    All of the above incidents suck(animals). The fender bender things are a sign of the sad state of the game that lawyers & insurance companies play.

    When a UPS vehicle is involved in a collison with a wild animal will management call the Game Commission?

    The discharge of good employees makes my blood boil. I was always told how much it cost to hire and train new employees so is it good business sense to fire people on trumped up charges?
  15. scratch

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    It is an automatic. The two cars were stuck together. The lady that bumped my wife's car had her front bumper hung under our rear bumper. The other driver was following too close, hit my wife in the rear, and told the police officer she was talking on the cell phone. She claimed my wife rolled backwards on level ground and needs to learn to drive a stick. My wife didn't get a ticket, and our insurance company said they had final say over which driver's insurance company pays for this.
  16. bubsdad

    bubsdad "Hang in there!"

    We were told that if you hit a dog it will be considered an accident because it is someone's property but if it is a wild animal it would be an unavoidable. So any dog, chihuaha to st.bernard is now considered a coyote!
  17. New Englander

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    Last PCM was that hitting a dog was considered an accident now.
  18. dilligaf

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    And the cop just took it for granted the other driver was right and your wife rolled backwards? LOL How stupid some people are! Glad to hear that your ins company at least seems to have some common sense!
  19. Johney

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    WOW that's all I can say. I wouldn't have much faith in my local law enforcement if I were you.
  20. over9five

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    Geez Scratch, what did the cop say when your wife musta said "thats not what happened!"? I'm not sure how a cop can take a side unless he saw what happened. He's only there to report, not to be the Judge!
    I would think the other lady admitting she was gabbing on the cell would be enough to convince a normal person that it was probably her fault.