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  1. j4bucks

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    Today we had a driver DQ. He had only 15 days in, and management told him he was running to much over. Now mind you the regular driver was running about the same over himself. This guy was tring his best and all of us felt he was doing well. My question is, can they DQ him after only 15 days?? What ever happened to getting your 30 days in before being DQ??
  2. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Either the center manager and/or On Car Sup doesn't like the guy or they are feeling pressure from further up the chain due to him running over. He'd have to be running over VERY excessively in order for the latter to be true. Either way I think he should be allowed the full 30 days. I don't know about there but in my center the only requirement is for the new driver to run scratch at least once in that 30 day period. And it just doesn't seem right that the only people that can lose their jobs for running over are drivers still in their packet. I mean....if veteran drivers are doing it then there must be something wrong with the routes. Due to the numerous threads that have been created on that very subject I'd have to say that it's very unfair for new drivers to be held more accountable, thus not qualifying, than veteran drivers.
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    Wait, hold on here, the real question is can he repeat things off a brightly colored card verbatim? That's the real essence of being a UPS driver, being safe and performance aren't even important.
  4. tieguy

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    before we all jump to assumptions we should ask some questions. why was he dq'd was it for his overage or another reason. If there is another reason he may not tell you another driver in his center. How much did the sups work with him? Did they ride with him on day 15 and then DQ him?
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    Pardon my ignorance,
    What does DQ mean?
    I have never heard that term in my 20+ years.
  6. DS

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    Dairy Queen where I am
  7. tieguy

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    Dis Qualified. or Dis Qualify
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    My understaning is that they can get rid of someone in their first 30 days without much of a reason. Might apply only to inside workers.

    As tie suggested, maybe there is something else going on. Hope he makes it through. dw
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    I know this driver well, the only reason was the over allowed. We are on pas/edd here and you can not follow it by trace. When he started training sup told him follow it. After one day they said don't follow it. As for being on road on day 15 no sup was not ,DQed over the phone yesterday morning when calling in to see if he was on road, and then covered their rear when he showed to work the night sort and told him in person. He is talking to union but who knows. Sup only on road with him 3 days that I know of in those 15.
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    Ok I have a newbie question. What does run scratch mean for a driver?:confused:1
  11. trickpony1

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    It means it didn't take you longer than their fancy computers and voodoo numbers say it should take you.
    You can be:
    underallowed-took you less time than computer thought
    scratch-you broke even
    overallowed-took you longer than their computer said it should.

    It's all a numbers game.
  12. hoser

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    to say that he was DQ'ed randomly because he had a bad week is not believable. he must have had a few sit downs with management, recommendations were made, and they were not followed for this to have really happened.

    if he was randomly DQ'ed, I think a sit down with the union rep and center manager is in order.

    my feeling this is one of those hearsay threads about how a cover driver got fired for coming to work drunk and bashing one of the newest nicest sprinters into a wall, resulting in the guy on that route to have to drive a p5 for another ten years but he turns to his co-workers like a coward and says "what did i do? i did nothing wrong! this center manager is out to get me! he eats kittens for lunch and i told him on my own time after work near the kitty-pound not to do it anymore and that i can help him out because i love my center manager so much, but then he spat blood at me and then fired me the next day!"

    we all know when that happens, right?
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    Warning, double post ahead...
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  14. Harry Manback

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    Yea, who cares about performance. What's the 10 pt commentary? 5 seeing habits? 8 keys to lowering/lifting? Maybe the real reason he dq'd is because he didn't turn in enough sales leads.
  15. beatupbrown

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    I say run man run.Do not follow methods, no lunch drive like it is the end of the world.
  16. paidslave

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    What a bunch of crap! I thought that you have the entire 30 days to at least show that you can run scratch up to the last day......This is a bogus excuse....Doesn't even really matter if they had issues with him or not.....Follow your own rules....30 days no accident and run scratch. I thought it was 3 consecutive days...!

    What are reasons for temination without a written warning after 30 days anyone know what the entire list is?