Driver dropped my glass door

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    Hello all. First post. Wish it was under better circumstances, but here I ordered 2 items from sears direct, one was a glass door for my kitchen stove and the other a bottom brace for the door. I was about 7 houses down walking my dog when the ups truck stopped by my house. When he exited the truck carrying my glass stove door it slipped out of his hands and crashed to my driveway. The driver picked it back up and put it back into the truck and grabbed the bottom brace. He walked to my doorstep and let my girlfriend sign for the package without saying anything to her about the glass door. I was about two houses down when he got back into his truck and drove off. I didn't realize that it was my glass door he dropped until I seen the glass sparkling on my driveway. I called the ups store and notified them. We opened a claim and the person I spoke to said both packages were listed as delivered. I'm just stunned that this happened. So, I'm asking if you guys ever own up to your mistakes? Am I out a $150 glass stove door? What do you all recommend? Thanks all.
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    You watched it all go down and did nothing about it. I feel its my resposibility to tell your girlfriend she can do better. Next time refuse it.
  3. Didn't you learn your lesson from that television a couple weeks ago?
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    Why is your driveway so hard?
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    No need for us to own up to our mistakes; management has 3 people point them out no less than 6 times daily.

    Here's a wild idea: call UPS. Posting on a message board is the first step to nowhere.
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    ^^^ Or calling a ups store

    When you call ups they will tell you what you want to hear and everthing will be fine , I really doubt he wants to lose his job over your fancy glass stove door
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    The driver had to record both packages, damaged or not. When your girlfriend signed for the packages the driver should have explained what she was signing for. When you track the damaged package what does it show on the tracking status? Does it say "damaged"? If there is no expection code for the damaged package and you witnessed the glass door being dropped you most certainly should follow up with a call to the 1-800#. When you call just keep hitting zero to get past the computer prompts and straight to a live person. You will need the tracking number of both packages when you call. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.
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    The damaged parcel would have been recorded as DAMAGED, MISSED, FUTURE or EMERGENCY CONDITIONS depending on which supervisor answered the phone when calling in to inquire as to how to sheet the parcel in my center.
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    Well thanks for the helpful advice from all the helpful people. My girlfriend didn't know that the ups was sending it in one trip. How could she?? Sears told us the shipment was in two separate orders. So she assumed it was going to be delivered at a later date. Now, for the guy who said it was a "fancy" door. This was a regular stove range glass door. EVERYBODY has the same one at home, I promise you. And I know this post will go nowhere. I just want to know from the experienced ups personell what happens in these types of situations. That's all. Thank you. Oh, and for the guy who said I did nothing when I seen this happen; did you not read my original post in all its entirety?? Just curious. I clearly stated I was down the street walking my dog when I noticed this happen. I had absolutely no idea that package was for me. I received a shipping confirmation about the glass door being shipped the day before yesterday. I'm not at blame for this, I just want my damn package.
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    It is all based on negligence and your duty as a homeowner.

    There are four elements in a tort action: duty, duty breached, causation and damages. You had a duty to provide a good pathway to your door free of obstacles and debris. Obviously you breached this duty because the driver tripped so the driveway clearly wasn't conducive to walking. Additionally the door reportedly broke upon contact with your driveway so you should have ensured your driveway was soft enough for that contact. As such the cause of the loss was your driveway. Finally the damages...Have you received service yet on the summons to appear in court? The driver likely was injured when he tripped and stumbled in your driveway and probably should be awarded general damages for pain and suffering. The trauma of seeing one of our tracking labels hit the ground is incomprehensible.
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    Lol. Oh man, I thought this was a serious post. I can't control how hard my driveway is. Lol. If I would have known the door was to be delivered right then, I would have brought all the mattresses from the house and lined them up on the driveway. There was a clear path from the foot of the road to my front door. But I know you sent being serious. I am just angry at the fact the driver didn't tell my girlfriend about the door. I should have ran from the end of the block when I seen him drop the package. But I didn't. Besides, its not my fault he dropped it. Accidents do happen. I'm angry because I feel he is covering this up and he will tell his boss all packages were delivered. My surveillance cameras don't show where he dropped it, but does show he walked up to the from door carrying a small package that is my door brace.
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    All will be fine. He had to return to the bldg with that damaged pkg and he'll turn it in for damage processing. Contact your shipper. They will have access to much more detailed shipping/tracking information than you do. They'll be able to see that the pkg was indeed processed in the bldg that night as a damage. Take it from there.
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    Don't blame the driver too much, it was probably already broken when it got to him. He maybe just broke it a little bit more.
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    Well, I did call sears right after I called ups 800 # and sears told me both packages are reported as received on my end. I think, and I haven't spoken to the ups DC area yet, that the driver is trying to hide the damage. I'm driving to the DC at 9. I'm not waiting for a phone call. I'll go directly to his supervisor, and if the driver denies any wrongdoing, there's got to be evidence in his truck. Frosted glass. I know there's is plenty on my driveway so there has to be some in his truck.
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    There is simply no reason for him to hide a damage. It was an accident, they happen.

    I would have put it back on the truck without telling the customer too....... unless there was glass all over the driveway, that is kinda weird that he didn't offer to clean it up.

    ​Anyhow, I hope you'll post back what happens.
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    He still had to turn it in at the end of his day. I guarantee he isn't going to toss it out in some dumpster on his route. He isn't going to risk his job for a broken glass door. Accidents happen. Sears will most likely have updated tracking/damage information soon. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to show up. Or if they don't have a damage clerk in the evening, it may have been put aside for the daytime. What's the tracking # on the damaged package?

    Also, if you hadn't been home or seen what occurred----you will still be "expecting" that second package to show up. By the time you followed up on it, either next day or later, this package would have already be updated in tracking as to the event. You just happened to see what occurred and expected instant updates. It rarely works that way. I'm sure this will be resolved satisfactorily. Again, it's not worth his job, he will do what is necessary. Accidents happen.
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    What's the tracking # on the one you got?
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    Thank you for the help. The tracking number is 1zae71031269980178. Just received a call from the DC apologizing for the damage and they assured me it will be covered on their end. I'm just relieved that the driver didn't try to hide it. I thought exactly what one poster said the driver won't do, which is dump it on his route. Thank god he notified someone. Accidents happen, I wasn't angry about the broken door. I was assuming the driver wouldn't take accountability and try to hide it. And yes, there's frosted safety glass all over the driveway. I can post a picture if someone could kindly help me out on how to post one. Thanks again everyone for the help.
  19. cosmo1

    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

    ​End of story.
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    Yes! Thanks all for the help. Sometimes we don't give you drivers the credit you deserve and its hard to relate. Doing what you guys do, especially here in Phoenix az is tough work. I'm glad I can renew my trust in the drivers. Thank you once again.