Driver Fired for Dishonesty... While Supervisors Pull Stops as KC.... NOT

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    I wanted to share a recent story of a long time driver getting fired for dishonesty....and eventually getting his job back at the State panel.

    Long story short...... Driver sheets packages showing several stops instead of one. (Note: Actually three different adjacent business locations (addresses)... all to the same owner). Driver gets fired for dishonesty. Driver attempts to defend himself and explain his actions. Discharge gets sent to State panel....whereby the driver was asked to call from the State panel hearing and offer apology to center manager for being "Dishonest". Union representation tells him that the only way the driver will get his job back is if he ADMITS to being DISHONEST.

    Driver maintains that he recorded that stop in a consistent manner through pervious OJS rides, etc.. The real issue that inflamed management was that the driver was not only defending himself, but that he pointed out that management was actually the dishonest party by PULLING business stops from his route, marking them as KC (when they were not actually closed).....and then putting them back on his route the following day.....

    To add insult to injury, yesterday that driver during his first day back in service went out with a driver supervisor. The driver sup did NOT know how to properly record that particular stop. The driver had to show the on road sup the correct method of recording the stop without the company claiming he was being dishonest.

    As ballandchain and many others have stated on BC, UPS goes way too far in their pursuit of some discharges.... up to the point of making false and often humiliating claims. My position is that dishonesty is a "two way street". I have actually filed a "Dishonesty" grievance on a full time supervisor.......asking that that supervisor be reprimanded...."up to and including discharge". This was for falsifying a timecard.... I urge you to do the same if and when that opportunity should ever present itself..
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    Had much luck on "filing a grieve" for supervisor dishonesty? LOL

    Ever heard of Double Standards?
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    Yes, twice.

    One got fired, the other "retired" and now works for Holland Trucking as a dispatcher.
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    Why is this amusing to you?
    This is the kind of management attitude prevalent at UPS which is why your kind will never command any respect from the workforce.
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    Hoaxster.......glad that you asked...

    Sad...but True...

    I caught my immediate supervisor falsifying a timecard about 5 weeks ago. This FT supervisor moved ten minutes of OT from one day to the following day's time card to "hide" the OT. In other words, the employee had 5 hours 10 minutes on Monday. To avoid those nasty conversations with their center manager and DM.....about OT, this supervisor simply put the 10 minutes of OT from this employees card as straight time the following day (Tuesday). The affected employee happened to mention this to me at the end of that week. Rather than make an immediate issue out of it, I investigated and collected hard copies of the time card etc...

    There were several issues for seniority part-time employees that I was having a difficult time with....even with "Union" contract language. We have an elderly seniority part-timer..... that for a variety of reasons is unable to stand up for himself. Our supervisors put him in a trailer day after day while lesser seniority people work happily along in the small sort. I asked for over two months for our company to recognize seniority and allow this elderly employee out of the trailers.

    Along comes "supervisor dishonesty" outlined above. I filled out a grievance in violation of Article 17 (Central Region Supplement)... The center manager actually saw me time stamping the grievance when I came into work. That center manager told the full-time supervisor in charge of our shift...NOT to accept ANY grievances from me...... He told his FT supervisor to tell me that I will just have to wait until the following week when he would return on a Tuesday. Little did he know...that this was a DISHONESTY grievance on his own FT supervisor.

    When I presented the FT supervisor with the grievance, this supervisor looked at me and said "Mr. Center Manager told me NOT to accept any grievances from you". "You are supposed to give this grievance directly to him next Tuesday." I looked at this supervisor and said, "It would definitely be in your best interest if you accept this grievance NOW".... When I told this supervisor that it was a dishonesty grievance on them....they immediately accepted the grievance and read it over.

    Once this supervisors pupils became normal size, a "DEAL" between this supervisor and myself started to take place. The conclusion of this true story is that the supervisor NEVER handed in my grievance to their center manager. The employee that I had been wanting out of the trailers for several months......started bagging smalls... The supervisor asked me...."what should I tell my center manager about your grievance?" I told them that they can say whatever they want......because no matter what it probably won't be the truth.

    Moral of the Story..... To this day.... I have the more ways than one. Sometimes....holding a "gun" to someone's a lot more useful than pulling the trigger... : ) An NO.... I am NOT the kind of person that ever likes to see anyone or hourly.. I happen to know what lower management goes through for the sake of our Corporate BOD.... UPS "forces" good people to do bad things....IMHO
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    We all are subject to management whims. Seems like menopause. They get cramps and need to lash out.
    None have the balls to stand up.
    Extra bonus money for bs
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    Long story short---driver was padding stops and got caught.

    BTW, what does KC stand for?
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    ​UpstateNYUPSer.... KC = Known Closed
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We use CLO-H.
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    Which many would consider dishonest. H=Holiday. Marges Hair Emporium being closed Monday is not a holiday. Why is everyone so afraid to just put Clo-1? Either that or future it to a day they are open.
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    I will see if KC is an option in the DIAD tomorrow.
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    Your story is beyond.... BS.

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    I call BS.

    Now you think you blackmailed a supervisor and thats ok...
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    Don't have to file grievences against some supervisors for dishonesty, they do well enough on their own.
    ​Just lost two on cars in my center in the last month for not being truthful on the annual DOT certification.
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    P.W. or S.G.?
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    UPS considers anyone not "scratched" as being dishonest.

    What we need is a class action suit against UPS for willful defamation and using false claims of dishonesty to deprive workers of wages/benefits and intimidated other workers.

    As for UPS management dishonesty? Remember there's a $5000 REWARD and its a big incentive for management to lie.

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    It's not a option in the Diad. We use it for business s that we know are closed a certain day of the week.

    If you have a business that is closed every Monday it shouldn't be loaded on your car, it will be held off as known closed. What the OP was saying is management was putting in stops as known closed that were not closed. They always want a list on certain holidays if we have any known closed, so they can runs as few routes as possible. Also to reduce amount of send agains.
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    We do that here--the stops are held and scanned by the preload.
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    Had a stop in a strip mall that was only open Monday and Thursday. Couldn't hold it because the whole mall used the same address.
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    Originally Posted by InsideUPS
    I wanted to share a recent story of a long time driver getting fired for dishonesty....and eventually getting his job back at the State panel.

    Discharge gets sent to State panel....whereby the driver was asked to call from the State panel hearing and offer apology to center manager for being "Dishonest".

    Union representation tells him that the only way the driver will get his job back is if he ADMITS to being DISHONEST.

    Bug..... say? I really have no idea how you can make claims about what happens in a Local that you no nothing about and a grievance hearing that you also no nothing about... Is it really beyond your comprehension how a BA could suggest to a discharged driver that he needs to admit he was dishonest and that he needed to apologize to the Center Manager? It is sad is absolutely true, I just spoke with the driver yesterday. Not every Local may be as strong as the one you represent.