Driver fired for faking jury duty

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  1. We had a driver fired a couple weeks ago for faking jury duty. He said he was on a jury for a week so UPS paid him for the week that he was off and when he came back management was asking for documentation to prove that he was on the jury for a week and found out that he was only on the jury for one day so they fired him for stealing and dishonesty. The driver was fairly new only been driving for about five months, and I feel sorry for him at one point but the other point I don't understand how you could be so stupid to throw away a whole career to try and get a free vacation.
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    Don't feel sorry for him, someone who deserves the job will just replace him.
  3. scratch

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    Its best to get rid of dishonest people early.
  4. barnyard

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    Just when you think you have heard the dumbest thing for getting fired, someone dumber walks along.

    Hopefully, when that knucklehead called the union, they flipped him the bird.
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    Another limping wildebeest culled from the herd.
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    We has a driver fired for faking funeral leave. It was his aunt that died (no funeral pay) and he claimed it was his grandmother. That was a year ago. He is still gone. Can you say stupid?
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    Stupid is as stupid does
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    Not the first time I seen that done , we had a young driver do the same thing so he could go play in the sand
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    We have a driver that his grandma died.......for the fifth time, I think
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    Just when I thought I'd heard it all.

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    Had a driver * finally get canned on a fake terminal illness with his grandmother. LP paid her a visit. He had pull the same sort of stuff before and went to Vegas. AND THEN PUT IT ON FACEBOOK, with fellow UPSers as friends. He SO had it coming.
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    You might be in the same area I'm in. When I was still in package car, a driver got the brown boot for this. Hey, they're dumb, but not so dumb that they can't smell the :censored2: on a :censored2:.

    There is a work lesson here too. Never--NEVER--change a number, and extra stop, extra central sort time, just to avoid getting the production beat down from the tie monkey. You will NEVER get fired for being a sluggo. Yes, they will do everything in their power to make your life miserable, but you won't get fired. But the moment you start hitting the wrong buttons to make your #'s look a little better, you're tippy-toeing on that thin ice. You might make it for a while, but eventually, you'll fall through. And they won't pull you out. They'll just stare as you're dying.

    The same thing goes for cutting corners while you're driving. If you cut corners, forget to check before backing, driving too fast and working through meals, you will breeze through 99.997% of the time. But that .003%, something will eventually happen, and when it does, you'll fall through the ice.

    Do you feel lucky?

    You can always be the least best. Hell, I know nowhere else. But keep it honest and you will survive.
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    Its hard to keep a good grannie down I've been told.....BC
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    I had a driver once return jury pay. Apparently he had been summoned for jury duty but was released super early in the day. He didn't feel comfortable taking the 8 hours of jury pay since he was only there for a short time.
  15. Dracula

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    Now that there is a man I want to play cards with. The union needs to tell this guy he has to pay double dues whenever he's on vacation.
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    Wiser word hath never been spoken. Looks like I'll have to go "Full Site" and pos rep you.
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    I have/had 4 grandmas. So I guess the older generations weren't allowed to divorce. Of course I only missed work for one so far. The other one I hadn't see in 17 years when she died so she didn't miss me at her funeral either. But the next two......yes the next two......I will miss time for them.
  18. I used to work preload with this guy and he was pretty worthless then not wanting to unload trailers, no call no shows, hide in the bathroom while everyone else is working ect. I didn't think he would pass his 30 days so I guess I'm not surprised he pulled this. Dude thought he had it made in the shade and bought a house well he can kiss all that goodbye. He will probably have to go back to changing oil at jiffy lube do 10/hr. I guess it's true what they say you can't fix stupid.
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    Yah.....we have had 4 different CS over the years and he has played them all. And he used it once before them. It is kind of a running joke with the group.
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    We have one of those.