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    just wondering what some of you guys thought on this situation. theres been a driver at our center fired last year for lying about delivering pkgs...had their hearing and got their job back. i heard that they signed a last chance greivance but since then they've been fired 3 times and put on a "working termination" ...waiting another hearing. what are the chances they get their job back this time?????
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    Depends how much paid under he is every day.
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    its just an air driver. . .
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    you know we are people too!:whiteflag:
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    the record for in my building for an air driver being fired & or quitting is 21 times; that guy was like a revolving door.

    { warning he currently drives an MBTA bus }

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    It depends on what he has done. We have drivers that have been fired 6, 7,8 or even 9 times and still working but the real question is what are they fired for? I should start a post on the most rediculous things a driver has been fired for. I have a few great ones.
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    Is that from personal experience!!!
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    I don't think it's for any of us to say. Each center/hub, district, region, labor managers, panel members, is different. Fired for lying about packages would seem to be pretty serious. BUT, it's been done before and will be done again.

    I think a bigger issue is not whether they get their job back but why does this keep happening to them? Why do they keep doing these things? There's got to be a bigger problem than just carelessness.

    As a steward, how do you keep defending somebody that keeps doing stupid things? Oh, I know, it's my job, but, honestly, how can you conscientiously defend somebody that's got issues like this? They might be better off somewhere else where service is not involved.
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    I was once fired for being 3 hours over and an hour and a half missing in my day. I was doing a route cold, blind as a bat. Just went to pas edd and it was not setup right, go figure. I realixed I had a school at 445 so I broke off and attemted delivering it, I wandered the halls for 15 minutes plus the 20 minutes drive time and teh 3 meet point I did to give work away. Stealing time. While I was expliaing it, the steward with me also meet me twice that day to take work off of me and service the customer, as we where talking he got fire for stealing time bacuse he was not told to help me a 2nd time. So I start representing him after I was fired and I was told to shut up because im fired. I told the knucklehead DM at the time he cant fire me from being a steward and this steward now needed repsenation. LMFAO. We both got our jobs back with back pay.

    It wasnt the first time he fired me, And I won my 2nd termination as well with back pay. He had a saying he only had to win one, I had to win them all, I said to him I like those odds especially against him. LOL

    Oh do I miss him, last I heard he was in San Fran, i hope he found that special man for his liking. lol

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    Exactly! These are the type of firings Im talking about. All firings are not legit. My last firing was for unnecessary backing. The OCS's didnt even stop when they saw me. Instead they called me into the office the next morning and told me they saw me backing unnecesarily and fired me. They ended up looking very stupid when I produced a letter from the owner of the lot I backed in stating that I was doing what he wanted me to do on his lot. The DM was so mad in that center level hearing when I produced it, it was funny. By the way the OCS's knew I had to back in that area they just wouldnt admit it. Heres my 2nd to last firing. I mist the plane w/ a NDA for the first time in at least 5yrs. This is usually a warning letter offense or verbal to just about anyone else.
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    yeah about drivers getting fired i have one such story. I work in the DFW airport hub (dallas TX) i work in the ODC (orgin data capture) as a loader. I've heard numerous stories about this one particular driver getting fired on and off like 8 or 9 times. This particular driver works for the On call air twilight sort. and he been fired for things like getting into wrecks, and buying baby diapers at walmart in middle of his route like he didn't stop and think the the OCA supervisor would be there too at the very same walmart shopping for giftcards to give at thanksgiving break.( in fact he was there) it was just bad luck that he was there. I just thought that was really funny.
  12. 705red

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    We had an employee at Cach get fired for stealing napkins. He had cut himself and used the napkins to absorb the blood as he tried to stop the bleeding. This is not a joke!
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    What DM was that? I work out of the SF Building..
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    Initials are W L
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    I know exactly who that is. He is back on the East Coast again...
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    He sounds like a great human being.
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    I actually didn't have any issues with him...
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    Maybe the beating he took in Chicago woke him up a little. As far as I know he did not win one termination and he had a bunch. You start looking like a fool after a while!:happy2:

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    They dont have a conscience bro. We have a guy that is the same way. Hasnt won a single won but has alot of them vs drivers anyway. Dont know about the part time shifts.