Driver forged my signature, is it worth the effort to pursue?

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    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum. I hope I am posting in the right forum.

    I live in a high rise in Chicago (11th floor). Generally when packages comes by, if it requires signature, the driver would either call me via intercom for signature, or come up to my apartment to knock on my door. If it doesn't require signature, they would leave a note on my mailbox, so I can check the locked mail room for the package.

    3 Days ago, I ordered a package from Amazon. The tracking shows it was "out for delivery" yesterday morning. My boyfriend and I were home all afternoon waiting for its arrival. By the time 5pm came around, I started refreshing the tracking status every 20 mins or so. Around 6:30 pm, the status changed to "delivered" to my residence and signed by me. I was puzzled by the status. I didn't get any calls and no one knocked on my door. I went downstairs to check my mail box, there was no note on it to tell me I received a package at all.

    I immediately called UPS, they claimed that there was a signature, but it was illegible. The tracking shows it was delivered to my residence and signed by me. Then they made me call Amazon. I called Amazon, Amazon agreed to replace my package after communicating back and forth with UPS for around 20 mins (I was placed on hold).

    I was fairly certain at this point that my previous package was stolen by someone in the building that forged my signature. Anyways, today, I went down to the office to investigate more. The building manager said she was in the office when the UPS delivery guy came, he was only in and out of the mail room, and didn't look for anyone to sign off on any packages. I asked the manager to check the mail room to see if my package was in the room, she reluctantly agreed to check for me (normally, they only open the mail room for people with a slip on their mail box). It appears my package was in the mail room...

    I am happy to locate my package. However I don't think it's right for the driver to forge my signature, leave the package in the mail room without even a note telling me my package was in the mail room. I really don't want similar incident to happen. I am not sure if reporting him is a good idea. I eventually found my package, even if i report him, will anything happen to him? If he found out I reported him, will he become more negligent with my packages?

    Please advise what I should do in this case. Thank you.
  2. over9five

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    Can't believe you made all those calls without checking the mailroom!!!
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    It is common practice for drivers to save time in apartment complexes/buildings by not attempting delivery on all or some of the packages and just leaving them at the office/whatever other designated location.
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    Faking a signature is considered forging a legal document, a criminal offense. Not only will the driver almost certainly be fired, but the driver could also face criminal charges should you choose to pursue it. Keep that in mind when deciding whether to pursue it further.

    You got your package. If you feel the slight of somebody pretending to be you is worth likely costing that somebody a job or worse, then do what you feel you must do.

    I hope this isn't what happened, and there is another explanation, perhaps somebody did actually sign for it.
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    It is up to you if you want to report him. He was wrong if he really did this. I only say that because getting cough will get you fired.
  6. iruhnman630

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    I know one driver who was fired in our building for faking a sig, and did not get his job back. He works for Fed Ex now.
  7. Bagels

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    Does the tracking show your last name under "signed by?"

    If you report him, and an investigation affirms he forged your signature, he will be disciplined -- and probably terminated (he may be able to get his job back through the grievance procedure if he has an otherwise clean record).

    We can't advise this. Some people will tell you 'you got your package, no harm, no foul ... if he does this regularly, ultimately a package will turn up missing and he'll get caught' while others will tell you 'forgery is never acceptable, and you should pursue this.' It's your personal feelings on the situation. Obviously this bothered you enough to research, register & post here, so go with the latter. Even if he is fired... well, it's his fault.
  8. Bagels

    Bagels Family Leave Fridays!!!

    During my decade-plus career here, we've had a handful of drivers get caught forging a signature. All were fired, several got their job back through the grievance procedure. NONE of them faced criminal charges.
  9. Indecisi0n

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    The driver would have had to type in a name. If he did in fact sign and type your name in then he deserves to be fired.
  10. over9five

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    Or, instead of throwing the guy under the bus, PERHAPS:

    Another resident signed her name, or

    Someone who worked at the apt building signed her name.

    There are many possibilities.
  11. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    How does the driver get into the mailroom? Maybe the sketchy building manager signed when she opened the mailroom for the driver.
  12. laffter

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    It has been forever since I personally had to sign for a UPS package, but doesn't the tracking show the name that was typed into the DIAD?
  13. kingOFchester

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    Can't tell you how many times I have gone to a house with a signature required and the "room mate, sister in-law, mother in-law and so forth" sign the diad using the name of the intended receiver. I then have to void signature and explain I need their signature along with their last name. Could easily be a neighbor, doorman, office manager, sales agent that signed the last name of the intended receiver and gave the driver the intended receivers last name. The person signing is under the CRAZY impression that they are doing what is correct. Unbeknownst to the driver he stop completed the stop with the information provided to him by the person who signed the DIAD.
  14. iruhnman630

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    You're 2 possibilities would clear the driver. But if the driver did just get caught forging, the driver is the one who crawled under the bus.

    The long phone calls between the customer, UPS, and Amazon along with Amazon needing to ship (and I assume deal with returning) a replacement package may have already set the wheels in motion to see this driver facing some serious trouble.

    I lean towards the 'You got you're package, let it go' side, knowing the seriousness of the consequences of the offense. But like I said she needs to do what she needs to do, and if the driver is gone because of it, I hope wiser decisions are made at their next job.

    This exact issue is one of the few times I have seen our union stewards take over a morning pcm to emphasize the seriousness.
  15. toonertoo

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    He probably had a key to the room, anyone could have said I can sign for it, so he could leave it in the locked room. He may have just typed her name in since he couldnt read whoever signed. I would let it go, you got it. I would put a note in the mailroom, that says, please ring my buzzer to sign for all deliveries or do not leave them. lelecoupon. Then if you are not home on the 3rd attempt, you will either pick it up, or it will go back.

    I really doubt he forged a sig, we have so much crap to deal with that I would never sign for someone, even if I was trying to be nice and have them get their pkg timely. I know I would not sign for anyone.
    But its a choice, only you can make.
  16. Indecisi0n

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    I'm not throwing anyone under the bus. I said if the driver illegally signed their name he deserves to be fired. If something else happen then my above statement is void.
  17. over9five

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    Sorry, didn't mean you in particular.
  18. toonertoo

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    And then after 3 pgs of responses, she does not come back for the input.
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    I get that one all the time "do I sign my name, or theirs?" I have never signed ANY name other than my own, why these people think I don't want THEIR signature is beyond me.
  20. kingOFchester

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    Human nature is to look for validation rather then vindication of the accused.