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    So I went for my Interview or what ever UPS calls it. And I got the Job! But the HR Lady never told me if i get a call for Orientation or a set time. She really did not talk much. Also I was reading some people got the pants at Orientation and she told me i had to buy a pair of my own Brown pants is that right?

    So I have no idea if there going to call me to let me know when the Orientation is. Or if it was a set time and that she never told me.

    -Brown Pants
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    If they haven't called you yet their not calling. Nine days left
  3. Brown Pants

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    I Just went for the Interview today.
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    Good luck it will be over on the 23rd.
  5. Brown Pants

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    Yes i know Thank you for telling me something i knew already.

    -Mr. Brown Pants
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    Sorry but reality is what it is guy. Most drivers at this point are set with their same helpers and use to the routine.I assure you they are only going to use you at this point is in a dire emergency and they will promise you the world to have you help out. So, my honest advice is at this point move on.
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    No profanity, it is what it is.
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    You still have to go to orientation. Considering they didn't call you back today to tell that there is orientation tomorrow. You only have 7 days left to work as a helper if they call you tomorrow to tell you orientation is Wed.

    Like others have said they are going to lead you on just in case some other helpers quit and they don't have anymore helpers on call.. Most likely they will not use you at all it to late.
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    In my area a LOT of people couldn't get issued pants because there were not many sizes left. Most of them are just wearing jeans with their shirts until more uniforms come in, particularly those on pre-load. Sounds like my HR is taking a more logical approach to the temps and not making them buy uniforms for just a couple of weeks.
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    You are getting straight answers. It seems that many of us that were hired towards the end of November were only being added on for backup and have no guarantee to actually get work. It's a bit odd to be hired and never going to work. Do I add this to my work history? lol