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    Are helpers held to the same standards appearance wise as drivers?

    I have long hair that I slick back and tie up. Ponytail doesnt go past the collar.

    Would that keep me from being helper?

    And this may be a stupid question, but what is it exactly that the driver does while the helper delievers the package? Does the driver drop you off to deliever, go to another site to deliever a package and then comes back to get you?
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    It shouldn't but you never know with HR ***. We had helpers that were hub guys that had long hair. They just were told to conceal it the best they could. I had long hair(but not when I was a helper the couple of years that I was ahelper)that took years to grow. I would have NEVER had cut my hair to be a helper. 8.50 an hour for a month and a half of work and the trade off would have been cutting 4 years worth of uncut hair ? NOT ON YOUR LIFE

    good luck
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    Eat donuts and drink coffee!!
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    Seriously now it depends on the route you are helping with, sometimes drivers will drop a helper off with a 2wheeler and a load of packages and say i`ll meet you back at a certain time, this works well in apartment complexes with alot of stops, and only if the helper is good with the diad.

    Most drivers will use you to run for them, meaning they will pull up to a stop open the door, find the package and give it to you to take to the house, while they locate the next stop, shut the door start the truck and get ready to pull away.

    You will find out if you get the job, its not as easy for the drivers as it looks!!
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    Think of the drivers truck as a dumpster. A half awake, noncaring person called a "preloader" chucks packages into this dumpster all night while the driver is sleeping. You as a helper make it easier for the driver to make sense of the mess in this dumpster. That dumpster is crammed full with hundreds of packages loaded in no logical manner. While you are delivering packages the driver is in that dumpster trying to figure out where to go next. The driver is sifting through piles of random packages and attempting to sort them into a logical order.

    At least that has been my experience during peak season. And the only reason I would need a helper.
  6. klein

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    Yes, we got one helper, he gets dropped off at a mall, with a cart. Does that for an hr or 2.
    I was a helper for a few weeks at the beginning, only because the driver had back problems.
    So, like above mentioned.. I did the walking, the deliveries, and the driver drove. (And he'll learn you the diad, really good actually, - tell you to which stop to punch in next, etc).
  7. hurricanegunner

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    That first line made me spew coke all over my screen!! "Think of the driver's truck as a dumpster." LOL!!!! Humor aside, that is a very accurate description of a truck at peak.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    When you get back to the PC does the driver look exhausted and sweaty, and has a goofy look on his face? Whaddaya think? We need to do something while you do all the grunt work.
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    I think its great when they show up!:happy-very:
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    The last helper I had quit on the spot. It was pouring rain and my supes insisted I still drop him off in a neighborhood with a rickshaw.
    I insisted that I use him as a runner instead but they were adamant.

    So I drop this poor bastard off with a rickshaw in the rain with about 20 DR stops. I come back for him an hour later and find him sitting on the curb with his rickshaw half full. Apparrentally the packages got so wet that he couldn't read or scan the barcodes anymore. He asked me to drop him off at his car...he quit.