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    I was hired as a seasonal driver helper for the month of December. I know that's not the top job but I went into it with 100% enthusiasm. I had one shift and did a great job. I'm really annoyed as for the entire month of December I was only called for a 4.5 hour shift @ $9.5 per hour. You would think that a company specializing in logistics could plan for how many helpers they need. I turned down another job for December as "JL" from Springfield (the guy doing the hiring and training) made a big deal about asking about my availability. This has given me a really bad impression about the company.
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    I suppose you've learned your lesson about UPS.
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    Welcome to the wonderful world of UPS
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    These people should just have there own forum or maybe I should just stay away until the new year because I just can't help but clicking on these threads.
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    One of two things happen

    1. You where one of the last Helpers hired and where hired as a replacement helper meaning you would replace helpers that quit and not enough quit.

    or the most likely scenario

    2. That first and only day your worked may have been great in your mind but not the drivers.
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    If I had the chance to work for sure with one company or be a UPS Helper, I would take the sure thing. UPS hires more people than is needed for the season, because a lot of them will quit or be fired. The best helpers are kept busy working everyday. I have had five different ones so far this year. My current one lives on my area right where I start using one. My previous one was good, but he had trouble finding a way to get to work. I really hate that people get hired under the impression that they will work more than they do or that they will have a job after Christmas Eve.
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    Did you, by chance, contact the Helper Coordinator to see if there was a problem? I think that would have been my first inclination when the phone stopped ringing.
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    Who cares just go away.
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    You turned down a possible permanent job to be a temporary helper? So who are you really :censored2: at?
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    Let the guy vent. All you guys must not be getting any at home and taking it out on him.
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    Look bud I get it every two weeks or so and I'm completely fine with it. I'm usually to tired anyway.
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    They started you at 9.5?

    Consider that lucky in itself
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    two weeks? I get it every day as a helper :happy-very:
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    BrownCafe should be restricted to drivers who desire to whine, cry and complain about how hard their job is.

    No other employee groups should be allowed to post, since they're inferior to drivers and have no idea what it's like to word hard. :greedy:
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    motion has been made / is there a second
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    second / discussion
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    Maybe he turned down the job because the "helper coordinator" hinted at greater things after peak? And how UPS is such a great company to work for?