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    I understand that I am a temporary employee........ However when UPS decides to call me in at 8am and only needs me for 45mins. It pisses me off.... Then the driver decides he'll call me around 5pm when he needs me again.

    Has management lost their mind? I told them I am free all day.. and this means that they can get me for an hour, make me drive around into the boonies, then decide they can punch me out before I even get off the truck?!! Why are people so rude?
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    they should give you at least 3/4 hours a day talk with some one in the center on the # they gave you,no one should be abused or treated this way... good luck
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    Welcome to the UPS number-chasing game. Management doesn't care that you have to drive 30 minutes and then wait 15 minutes for the driver, only to get used for 45 minutes. To them all they see is numbers on a paper that dictate how long you get to work. And it's really not the driver's fault, they want to use you for as long as they can and appreciate your help; it's management that ties their hands with the numbers game.
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    The only way to win the game is not to play the game. Tell them you are not gonna do it......period.
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    I received a similar message last week saying that I could use my helper for 30 minutes. I showed him the message and we shared a good laugh. This would have worked out to about 10 shared business stops at best. I ended up using him for 3 hours and the ironic part was that we were an hour under for the day. My on car and the dispatch sup both have since said that I should use my judgement as to how long to use him.

    This would have basically wasted both his time and mine and he hinted that he probably would have quit had I not kept him.

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    My first two drivers were great, but this week as been a crap shoot. I was getting two 3-4 hour shifts, one in the mid morning ,and the other around five-oclock. I was happy then, but this one hour here and there crap is pissing me off

    CGHEMING New Member

    I am having a nice talk with the manager tomorrow.....I'll be sure to update this thread :)

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    Let me save you the trouble. With 4 days left, they will make promises they won't keep. Make sure you are looking for a more permanent job on your off-time.

    I keep my helper 6-7 hours a day, 240 stops. He lucked out getting me the week before Thanksgiving. I have been giving him decent hours when management was telling me to use him less. As long as the driver puts good numbers on the center manager's computer screen, they shouldn't jerk around a good team.

    CGHEMING - I'm sorry to see you are getting screwed when you want to work and help out. I'd apologize for management but they are too busy looking at numbers on a piece of paper to do the right thing.
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    The problem is the crap they tell these people when they hire them. I've been giving my helper 7 to 8 even though I don't need the help.

    They put US in the uncomfortable position to have to tell these people that HR and management is full of crap on getting good hours.
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    I guess I should count my blessings, because my driver helper experience has turned out pretty good so far. I've been working with the same driver for about a month now - exact same start time and pickup point each day, every day (except for Thanksgiving and the day after, of course). Eight to nine hour days for the past two plus weeks, the full route, and the same route each day (although they keep chopping off more from the end of the route as we get closer to Christmas). Almost like a regular job. Then again, it all comes to a screeching halt in less than a week, c'est la vie.
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    I have a good helper.I have had him since Oct.He gets 6 hrs. a day lately...

    Remember UPS eats their young..and as temps, you haven't even hatched yet..4 more days!
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    I too have been very fortunate concerning the hours I'm getting. My driver has had me running every day since the week of Thanksgiving (not counting the day of and day after of course), and lately I have been averaging 7-8 hours per day.

    It definitely does seem to be a numbers game, played behind the scenes by the powers that be, and I have been very fortunate that my driver can use the help right now (had 345 stops today, I got 7-1/2 hrs in).

    I've had the same driver since the get-go, and he is an extremely cool dude, have been having a lot of laughs throughout the day to help ease the physical aches & pains associated with the job.

    Tomorrow should be interesting, we should be getting 12 inches of snow over night tonight! After the last bout of snow a couple days ago (about 6 inches), I broke down and bought a decent pair of $40 winter boots from Kohl's, so tomorrow they should really be put to the test.

    To the OP, I'm sorry it hasn't worked out well for you concerning your hours this peak. It does seem like a whole lot of variables come into play on whether or not us DH's get hours.

    Peace out, Rod
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    Very true.
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    Anyone with the name Rod has to be a great worker:punk:
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    That isn't allowed. Get the number for the center manager and the union steward.

    Point out to them that because you are not on the clock that you are an unauthorized passenger and if there is an accident that their insurance would not cover any claim you might have.
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    I also go by Rockin' Rod, Hey Dude, Rodster, Rodman and a few other nicknames not suitable for some members of our audience!


    Peace out, Rod
  17. PASinterference

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    I've been using my helper for 3 weeks now.On time and and a very hard worker.My brilliant OMS called him last night and chewed him out saying that if he wanted to further his career at UPS he needed to show up for work before peak was over.He asked me what in the world she was smoking.I told him I didnt know,but it travels through phone lines during conference calls.:bloodshot:
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    Honestly, sometimes it feels like that wouldn't even be a problem to them (UPS). Less money to use on important stuff and more to give out in their brain-dead ideas.
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    Why would she have called him??
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