driver helper hit by a pickup truck

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  1. Forty6and2

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    Had a female driver helper get hit by a pickup truck on Friday night in my district. Don't have details on whether or not she was going to the stop, or returning to the package car after the stop, but the pickup truck that she was hit by was estimated to be going around 17 mph. She is in stable condition and expected to pull through, but her face is pretty banged up and could have a couple cracked ribs, a broken arm, and some other broken bones. She had to be airlifted to the hospital.
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    Friends at my gym almost hit a helper. Driver dropped him off and as he came around the rear of the pkg car he started to cross the street, without looking. Friend had enough foresight to think ahead, guessing this would happen. Helper never saw car till he was in the path.

    Note to drivers: Prep helpers and make them aware of all the pitfalls.
  3. 705red

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    If your using a helper your already making up time, so do your best to insure that the helpers do not have to cross a busier street, pull up on that side even if it means you have to go a little out of the way.

    I learned this the first day this year when my helper took it for granted that cars will stop. I also got out of the truck and showed him how to stand in front of the truck so he can see the traffic behind us and the cars can see him.

    I wonder if ups will say it was the drivers fault? Was the driver receiveing training pay?
  4. Forty6and2

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    I don't have the answer for these questions yet. Details are quite sketchy at this point...but I'll keep you guys updated on what I find out.
  5. Covemastah

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    whats next ?? orange UPS saftey flags on the helpers backs???? hope she is ok I'm sure the GREAT MINDS IN ATLANTA will find a reason to blame someone!!!!

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    It wouldn't be a bad idea for helpers (since they don't have the on-road experience) to use a reflective safety vest. The idea is to have the vehicles slow down especially when your job requires you to cross busy streets.

    FEDEX has on their vests and jackets a reflective material that glows bright with the company name on their back. We need that.
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    This seems to happen every year. Lack of delivery experience is the culprit. The package car driver that does the job day in and day out knows what to expect out on the street where the helper that was just hired and put out on the street really isn't street smart enough even if they went through some type of orientation. Good thats she's alive. Job is not worth dying over.
  8. cosmo1

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    Where did this happen? Any news links? Thanks.
  9. drewed

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    Dont some of the vest jackets have reflective material on them?
  10. brownrodster

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    Same thing happened in my state. I guess the helper was crossing the street in front of the pkg car and got hit. Unsure if it's the same person you are talking about.
  11. brownrodster

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    This is contrary to the methods. You are supposed to cross the street from the rear of the pkg car.
  12. Mike Hawk

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    I almost got creamed like that the first time I helped, walked around the front of the package car without looking and a minivan missed me by a few inches, learned my lesson the hard way so I look now. Some drivers will check their mirrors before they pull them in to warn me of passing traffic, that helps.
  13. 705red

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    Thats one method that you will NEVER see me do! Its much safer to cross from the front, this way if your truck gets rear ended your legs wont be in the way of the two bumbers.

    Its obvious that the people that came up with these methods never did the job.
  14. over10.5

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    Happened friday in Mesa Az.
  15. satellitedriver

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    Nope, at least I have never seen one. We (drivers) have reflective strips on the arms of our jackets, but not the front or back.
  16. rod

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    Both the vest and jacket had a reflective strip that I last wore.
  17. Cementups

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    We got messages about such an incident today.
  18. NaiveRapture

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    Yeah during our PCM this morning we were told about the helper who got hit and was life-flighted to the hospital. They then instructed us to teach our helpers the method of crossing the street from the rear of the package car. They say "so you can see oncoming traffic" But you know what? No matter which way you go, you have to stop at the edge and look, because physics would dictate you can't see THROUGH the package car, and hence front of back really doesn't matter, as long as you slow down and LOOK.
  19. dilligaf

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    46+2, We got the PCM on this this morning. Is there anything new?
  20. InTheRed

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    I tell the helpers either cross behind the truck or cross 10 feet in front of the truck, much like the kids need to cross 10 feet in front of the school bus. I have to remind everyone that the truck becomes a billboard for other drivers, and if you cross right in front like most do, motorists cannot see you until it is too late.