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    I had my driver helper orientation on Tues and started working on Wed. When I called I was told the name of my driver and when I got there it was someone else. Afterwards he told me to come back again tomorrow same time and place. I went back on Thursday and had the driver I was originally told I would be with the day before. Halfway thru the shift he tells me that he wants me to be his helper for the season. On Friday he and I worked again and I asked afterwards if I come back here on Monday and he said to call the office and ask or they'll call me. So I'm curious if when I call them do I tell them that he wanted me to be his helper? Or are they just going to shove me somewhere else.

    I just originally thought once I had a driver I wouldn't have to call anymore. Plus I enjoyed working with the guy.
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    If you have the drivers number, I would just call him directly and ask come Monday. Once I get a decent helper I take his number and call him if needed, but usually we have a designated meet point and time. If they are late, or don't show up then they cease to be my helper. The helper should communicate with the driver, and the driver should communicate with the center. The helper (after being assigned to a driver) should have no reason to communicate with the center
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    In my center if a driver asked for a particular helper they would honor that request. Your driver told you to call Monday morning because they may or may not need you to work--it is all based on the volume. You may also have the option of working with more than one driver during the day--this will depend upon your center but in mine if the volume is down we may share helpers rather than have two helpers work minimal hours. This does not happen very often.
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    You thought wrong.
    1) Even if you end up working with the same driver the remainder of the season, you will still need to communicate regularly with your coordinator. Your primary means of communication may be to the driver directly, but you will still need to regularly communicate with your coordinator.
    2) Part-time, inside employees maintain (limited) contractual rights and may choose to 'bump' you from the route. Some coordinators ignore these rights (and honor the drivers' wishes), others don't.
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    Not in my center. Last year I was given a good helper and when I was to pick him up the next day he wasn't there. So when I finally got a hold of him he said the coordinator didn't let him know what time he was supposed to report. I relayed the information to my center and they said that once the helper is assigned to a driver, the coordinator doesn't need any involvement.