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  1. Hi, whew what a cool job. You get to be driven all over the place in your hometown and local surrounding areas. But sometimes the running back and forth is exhausting. YOU HAVE TO BE IN SHAPE, is something I realized being slightly skinny with a bit of a beer gut. But I love exercise which I can't imagine how some overweight people can handle this job without the driver pulling off on a fat butt or someone who doesn't hustle. That said, my first day on the driver helper job I slipped on someone's porch stairs and landed on my ass only breaking my fall with my hand. It hurt but I think the driver saw it, and barely acknowledged it. I was moving so fast I barely felt it. Man I had a night terror or a dream where I heard the manual shift engine noise and woke up in a cold sweat. That was funny. Man sometimes I come back to truck after those long narrow driveways of customers huffing and puffing like death. I just got new shoes I barely broke them in and put band-aids on some occurring blisters. I'm about to set off with my second driver this week. So far, I hear good things from the people calling me and from the drivers, although they are probably annoyed they have a driver helper some are cool. Also, the dogs are scary some jump on me and some have the eyes of satan when looking at me, I guess it's the uniform. I already have a crush on this one girl I saw at a barn. Man she stayed with my in my dreams all throughout the night except for the one part. I made a comment about dog treats because there was a dog at the property I dropped 13 packages at. She snickered so I think she likes me. "I will just make sure I'm in uniform when i see her next," ;)

    P.S Keep yall updated on dog attacks, falling in love at first sight, but not doing much about it, and other horrible country roads and or belligerent episodes with customers and the like.

    Other than that what are some secrets or perks I should know about being a driver helper all the help would be appreciated.

    Oh and I heard about the driver helper accident recently. My condolences go out to them and their family. It's scary hearing that as a new driver helper for only working two days so far.
  2. Whew what a crazy day today was, we had a twilight air drop arrival meeting in designated area in town. All the drivers about 7 and their driver helpers where there. Really crazy cool stuff.

    I saw this one cool cocky-funny type driver sort of a younger guy make a pot reference infront of everyone including the lady delivering air packages.
  3. So, this time I get a wink from slightly middle-aged woman ready to "recieve my package," and I find out she has a cigarette in her hand. She gets nervous. But I WOULD STILL DO HER!
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    This confirms my opinion--you are a troll and will be gone much like the rental trucks when the day is done.
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    He liked one of my posts, neg rep'd it. So Tie. Where is the jacket?