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    Ok, today our full time supervisor came around and asked if anyone wanted to be a driver helper for the day. He said he is not sure of pay but its probably around 8.50. Now i am still thinking about doing it for a day, just to see what its like on the road, maybe see if driving is something i really want to do. But i am wondering, if i pre-load then go do the driver help, would i get O/T for the time I am out helping, or do they pay me the 8.50?? If i get overtime on my rate, Its worth it for sure.... Anyone know how this works?

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    In my building if you go to do driver helper, you get your normal hourly rate while doing driver helper. HOWEVER, you will not get overtime until after 8 hours (instead of the normal 5 for PTers). I did driver helper a few times last year until I realized double-shifting would get me more $$ (and it's easier work than running up to houses a few hours a day!)

    Driver helper is a great experience for those thinking about doing driving, though. I have a lot more respect for drivers after seeing how they have to conduct their days, getting to know their customers and certain requirements some have. One driver I helped had access codes to a lot of condo buildings (all of which were memorized), and also had keyless gate access to some other places as well. I delivered to an NFL player's condo, and he had a special access code set up for that driver. I thought that was pretty cool. Another driver didn't really even bother knowing addresses -- he read names and knew exactly where they lived (this was a mostly resi route). One customer received a lot of CODs, so he had it worked out that the COD checks would always be under the door mat. Both of these guys were 20+ year vets, so I guess after that much time you gain that knowledge. Overall, though, I'd recommend doing it at least a few times just to see what being a driver is like (or at least getting a small taste of it).
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    In my bldg if the company uses driver helpers in a non dead period (ie Jan, Feb, March, Sept, etc) the pay is top driver rate for jumpers. The reason for this is that there must be some disincentive for UPS to use jumpers year round or the company could dramatically cut the number jof full time drivers it hires.
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    Not going to argue with the logic you put forth, though I disagree the company should be penalized to such an extent as paying top driver rate. Just curiosity talking but where are you? -Rocky