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    So I'm a PT loader on the twilight shift in Maspeth Queens, but I've been able to get on as a driver helper 3 days/week as well.The pay is fantastic considering it's way more then my crummy part time loader salary. My full time supervisor hates that I come into work late and threatened to write me up as well as some other PT employees that are doing the driver helper as well. Can my supe write me up or stop me from working as a helper even though I'm still working all day for the same company?
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    yes he can
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    Yes---your primary shift is the twilight and the driver that you are helping needs to have you off the car in time. I have used a helper who worked the metro and had to have him off the car by 3pm so that he could be back at the center by 3:30pm.
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    How are they justifying using helpers in mid February?
    It sounds like some buildings have a fortune to made in grievance writing.
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    You beat me to it. Allowing any driver helpers in February should be contingent (in writing) to creating more package car jobs in April.

    Granted, it's better than letting sups shuttle extra work around and letting some less senior inside guys get some extra hours, but they already get away with murder as it is.

    NYStripe: I'm sure you could be disciplined for being late. I would talk to your driver helper coordinator and see if they could talk to your sort manager.
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    My cross country coach in high school used to tell me "there is no excuse for tardiness."

    Don't be late.