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    I work the preload and have recently started helping...for the last 2 years I've been with the same driver, I live in the area he delievers and we work well together.I got picked up when he needed me done whenever and we were done and always under...I got bit**ed out by the helper cooridator sup for going over 8 hours in a day (preload + helping). We were under by almost 2 hours and I worked about 11 total that day(4.5 sort 6-7 helper). He said that he would take me off and get the driver another helper (a seasonal guy from outside likely) can they do this? first off I understand that it's important to reduce labor costs and limiting overtime is necessary, but which is better paying me overtime at 11.76 or overtime at 27something. I wondered if this constitutes subcontracting (using an outside hire while "laying me off after 8" as outlined in the master which states something along the lines of no barginging unit work in any classification will be subcontracted to any non-unit employees for the purpose of avoiding overtime ect...I know this clause seems to be primarly for the porters/clerks...but to me it just seems that, we were productive(2 hours under), ups made $, and they should work people that are actually part of the union, in senority order, before working some outside seasonal guy...I mean shoot why don't they just have me come in and sort for 3.5 send me home and have someone from a temp agency finish sorting paying them near minium wage and call it "seasonal"...the thing that really erks me is 2 weeks or so before xmas they aren't going to say a damn thing about it...they are going to be happy just to get the packages out of the cars regardless of how long it driver had 10 stops done by 11 on this day because our beloved pas system took an air addressed to fifth third bank and turned it into Bank rd. in another city(lol) he had to drive back to the center and drop it off, leaving us with something like 170 left (30+ more than any other route that day), sh** i'd be expecting a thankyou for getting done by 6:30pm w/ pickups not a, hey you went over 8 hours and we don't wanna pay overtime. I am going to talk to the center manager and say to hell with the's her bottom line we're talking about, if that doesn't work grievence time , any advice?(sorry for being so lengthy I had a lot to say :O)
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    If they tell you to be off at 8hrs or whenever, you need to work as directed. Until they tell you to work past 8hrs, you must follow directions.

    try this(being truthful of course)
    Have the driver call each day and say he won't be done under X hours if you stop helping. (x = to the curfew set by management, ours currently is 11 hours)
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    I'm surprised that they let Preloaders work as helpers where you are at, they don't here. I think it is a good idea though, you will gain delivery training and the chance to make extra money. I have been using a helper for a month now, he is off the street, and I feel bad at how hard I work him at $8.00 an hour. And that's the bottom line.........during Peak Season, the company will do what it wants, its in the Contract.
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    damn only $8/hr to help... our helpers make 11.70 or more

    During the last week of peak(when I was a helper 2 years ago) I worked 13hr days continually after preload... it made for a tough 3am wake up, but it worked out well
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    hi, makes no sense how you guys make 11 something and the driver helpers here in So cal make 8.50. :confused:1 Our cost of living is pretty high compared to the rest of the nation
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    Well without giving much away(my sups are on this site) our median home price is over 500,000, so COL is pretty high here.
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    this is what I mean out of the Top 10 highest standard of living 7 of them are in California alone, and I believe we have one of the highest gas prices in the nation too. pretty ironic to me how some of you guys have $11 driver helpers but whatever life goes on. Whining and Crying aint going to change anything
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    They allow the same where i work. I work preload and then i am supposed to be starting working as a driver helper. And i make 9.50 and dont get overtime as a PAS clerk, and then i will be making 10.00 a hr as a driver helper and after 5 hrs will get time and a half. This is just my luck tho i am havin probs with this either way they allow this at the ground hub i work at.

    To read about the driver helper probs refer to the topic ~*This Just Isn't Right*~ in the ups discussions forum.
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    As a residential driver, working a Helper means I need to deliver thirty stops an hour compared to the seventeen stops an hour I would do by myself. From 8:40 until 11:00AM, I drive to my area, run Next Day Air, and get off what little commercial stops I have. Working a Helper isn't productive, too much riding between stops that are spread out far apart. I start my Helper at 11:00 because then I am ready to get into running my trace, meaning I am going into Subdivisions and knocking out residential stops that are closer together. I am getting off two hundred stops a day now in the same amount of time it took me to do a hundred twenty-five by myself. Much more work and stress, same amount of time and pay. Thank goodness there is only twenty-three more working days till Christmas, my thirty-second Peak Season will be over.:ohmy: