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    Was having coffee with the wife talking about my helper and and got to thinking I would share stories from day to day. We all need a good laugh and some of these helpers are giving me just that. I will just start with Fri. I pick helper up at strip mall helper gets into the truck with a large pizza yes a pizza I look and say when are you going to eat that? Helper says during lunch I say what lunch helper says the lunch get during the day. I then need to explain to helper as nice as I can mind you I have 200 stops 350 pieces and a loader who cant read numbers. ok Helper here how its going to go I hand you box you put on side of house you come back to truck i give you next box when no more boxes you go home. Helper says oh ok sorry didnt know. First stop give helper box helper goes to side of house 2 min go by still not back I go look no helper but i do see foot prints in snow going toward the back yard. So I did what any driver would do call center punch out for breaks and enjoy a warm cheese and sausage.
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    You know how busy it gets and sometime we leave the key in the bulkhead door to facilitate a neigborhood full of deliveries (I know it's a NO NO), well mid way though, my helper decides he's going to get up out of his seat, YES while we are moving, and proceed into the back and pour himself a coffee from the thermos that he had brought with him. I stopped the truck and told him if he gets out of that seat while I'm moving again, I'm stopping the truck and he is walking home.
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    Helper said to me ''hey when is it my turn to drive"" I'm still lauging over that one!! had a helper once who I didn't trust, wanted to know what I thought was in all the packages, when I left the P/C I told him camera was in the cargo lgts !! when I came back he was siiting on shelf looking at the lgt!! threw him off car few days later when he kept asking about bundles!!few yrs later,saw in local paper he was picked up for robbery!!!
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    My helper shows up with a thermos and cooler with several sandwiches now. The first day he showed up with tupperware full of salad, potato salad, and some kind of fruit with cottage cheese. I explained to him that in this job finger food was your friend.

    Now he eats or refills his cup as we are going from one area to another, and he will take a bite of his sandwich as we move from stop to stop. At first i thought it would be a bad peak, but hes working out well and enjoys the work and wants the hours.

    He did say the first day that this job wasn't hard at all, but now that hes lost some weight and realizes he has muscles in his legs hes not signing that same tune.
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    Ever get the helper that HR told he was making seniority and would be working inside after the holidays? Yea......broke the news to him first day.
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    I've had my helper for about 2.5 weeks. Nice guy. 52 years old and a retired NYPD. Well, he works preload and usually puts in 5-7 hours there. So then I would have him with 5-6 hours as well. Firday he comes and tells me he doesn't think he can help me anymore cause it is just too much for him. I ended upp talking it out with him and seeing if I can still use him and just cut his time some and only keep him 3-4 hours. I really only need him in the morning when I am still sorting stuff out. he's basically my runner and I sort through stuff while he's pacing it out. He did end up agreeing to this. If it comes up again, I may have to bribe him to stick around the last 13 days of peak and just tell him I'll make it worth it. i was already planning on getting him a $50 GC for Lowe's since I know he likes the place and on Wednesdays he gets 20% off with his AARP card.
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    saw them in Gahden back in 79 pass me a bone guy!!!
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    ok Babooba. I haven't been this confused in a long time. will admit Ilike the line:

    "That Bowling ball!! That's my wife!!!"
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    I am driving through the woods and my helper has to pee. I pull over and tell him not to get out of the truck, just pee put the door. He asked me why. I told him because it's shotgun season for deer and you're wearing brown. You don't want to go home tied to the hood of somebody's car with your tongue hanging out!
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    Drivers helper shows up at the meet point wearing low cut tennis shoes. Unfortunately it had snowed about a foot that morning. Drivers helper had really wet and cold feet after awhile.:wink2:
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    Classic J Geils Band, One of Bahston's best
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    I have many painful memories of delivery during peak time. Don't miss that nonsense at all. Having a Helper was ok if you got a good one and was a nightmare if u got a bad one. Peak time also ment all bets were off and all the rules go out the window. Seatbelt was only worn on main roads !!!!!!!! NEVER!!!!!!!! in developments. Bulkhead door was closed on main roads !!!!!!!!!!!!NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!! in developments. As long a one of us was in the truck(I ran off my side deliveries and the helper sorted - helper did his side deliveries and I sorted)the truck stayed running. 300 stops and all of the bogus work methods plus dealing with the pathetic management production numbers weren't all compatible with each other so something had to give. I drove the truck. I was deemed responsible for the actions taken by my helper. So guess what--- I made the rules while I was on the road. end of story.

    I remember one time having being followed by a Liberty Mutual employee. He approached me when I had stopped for a delivery. He said "congradulations. U guys have 100% percent seat belt use." I had to hold back from laughing in the guys face. He either must have needed glasses or wasn't watching very closely. It was funny considering I had told my helper "your not going to be in your seat long enough to put your seat belt on"

    That was my last peak as a package car driver- grew very tired of the job and the that went with it. January came and I bid to an article22 job and basically became a full time air driver. loved that gig. A year lated went to feeders. If it wasn't for the article22 job happening when it did I would most definatly no longer be at UPS.
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    One year I had a black guy for a helper and we were in a real snobby part of town. Add to that the fact that we were in a rental truck and I didnt have a uniform to give him, and he was having a hell of a time even getting anyone to open the door for him after dark at 8:00 at night. I finally gave him my hat to wear. We wound up getting the cops called on us, some lady called 911 because a black man was running through her back yard at night and she got her undies in a knot over it. The black cop who wound up pulling us over thought it was kind of funny.

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    I'm with Feeder on this. If I'm responsible for my helper's production adn safety then the route will be run on my terms the 10 working days before Christmas. Report me if you want but I don't think my management team would care unless there is an injury.

    If you throw me out there with 340 the day after a snowstorm and I must cut corners to clean the route, especially if you give me a bad helper. Last year i had a great helper that knew how to use the diad. He would get signatures while I sorted. When I was driving under 20 MPH he was digging our next few stops. It was great.

    The problem is it was my second good helper in 10 years.

    I'd rather have a route without the helper. Load me up to a reasonable level and leave me alone. I will get it done.

    I don't want the slow poke getting in my way!

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    I have heard some crazy stories about helpers, one involved a driver getting out of his seat and going into the back while driving down a rural highway with his helper, helper asked what he was doing, "oh I'm just setting up the next few stops" helper grabbed the wheel after a few seconds. I have helped this specific driver and I believe it, knowing him.

    The same guy had a helper that complained too much, one day he was running back to the truck down a steep driveway and the driver pulled up a few feet at the last second, splat against the side of the truck.
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    That's funny. (the second one) Not safe, but funny.
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    You had your helper sorting while you were driving? Did I read that correct? Are you stupid or something? Or am I and I misunderstood what you wrote?