Driver helping with a road supervisor.

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    I was just watching a youtube video with this guy named "Maynard" and he stated that if you are helping a supervisor on the road that "you will make what he makes".

    Is this really true? He was referencing people who work in the "hub" and gave a scenario where if they went on the road and helped a supervisor in a package car they would make what a supervisor makes? If so does this apply only to union members?

    It sounds almost too crazy to be real.
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    If you belive that, I have a bridge to sell.
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    Good luck to ya
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    Maynard is a shrill idiot that doesn't know what he's talking about most of the time.
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    Who the F* is Maynard

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    Short answer :
    He is probably making top driver rate, not the supervisors rate. Supervisors are not paid hourly so that would not make sense anyway.

    More detailed answer:
    A supervisor doing hourly work is taking work, and therefore money, away from a union member.

    The cost to the company of the supervisor is fixed. It's the same wether he works 24 hours or zero in a day. So there is a financial incentive for the company for supervisors to do work. The supervisor working grievance process is in the contract to take that incontinence away.

    In situations where service to customers will fail if supervisors don't do work, management will sometimes take an hourly hub employee with them to make deliveries so a union employee is getting paid for the work. In most places, the hub employee in this scenario would get paid top driver rate for hours worked (making sure the cost is greater than an air driver or driver in progression, removing the companies financial incentive to bypass any of those employees available).
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    It’s totally true. Plus, when your done, you get to go home and bang your supervisor’s wife, and she will make you dinner!
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    Post #6
    I've done it thrice this year and once the year before.
    Nobody in their right mind should go more than once or twice because despite earning top rate:You usually work up to 9:00PM and then have to report to preload in the next 6 hours so you basically get no sleep for a day.
    And payroll will always "accidentally" code you wrong and go through all the hoops for a corrected check.

    Really not fun at all: Like an OJS but in reverse. Probably will get the sad reject driver-turned-ORS because he jumped one to many curbs.
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    Could he be anymore annoying
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    I think Maynard is on drugs.
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    Riding with a supervisor is like riding with lee O'donnel while he tries to make a frontflip but in a p8.

    Scratch that. It's like riding with grandma and she does not know where the movie theatre is.
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    Never mind that, @MyTripisCut was voted "Most Washed Up Driver"!
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    I have beach front property for sale in Arizona.
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    You see folks, this is why Shecky is "poster of the year"!
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    I made it to 50 seconds. That guy is terrible.
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    Lakes have beaches too. So this doesn't mean what you think it does. ;)

    Do you have ocean front property in Arizona? :thumbup:
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    No you would be paid top scale(unless your local made some agreement with the company) I recommend you stop watching idiots on YouTube and frequent this site more often. You will learn a lot more here then any YouTube channel.
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    He might want to read the contract.

    And what's with the oriental language neck tattoo's ?

    Do they say courage.... or soup ?