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    I was wondering what the typical hours for a package car driver are during the various seasons. On this forum iv heard drivers getting back to the hub at like 10 or 11:15 pm during peak, and some at like 8 pm, and i was wondering, when do they start? Say if you start at 8 or 9 am, would the typical time they would punch out be at 8 or 9 pm? I realize drivers work 12 hour days depending on the load. Say during the spring or summer, would drivers have 9 or 10 hour days as opposed to 12. Is working 12 hours a day the norm for peak season? And if drivers indeed work 12+ hours a day, thats over 20 some hours overtime. Would that fly for UPS or would they say that your working too many hours or that your not getting the job done fast enough? I ask only because driving would be something i'd strive for, and im just wondering what the quality of life is for those who are drivers in terms of how often they have time for recreation, family, friends, and such. Thanks for the input.

    and one more thing, Driving is a mon-friday thing right? Saturdays and Sundays off?
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    :w00t:about the most hours I have worked duning a peak season is about 60 most of the time it's usually only about 1 to 2 hours a day tops ...our contract has over 9.5 protection built in , if you CHOOSE to,you can be relieved after 9.5 hours a day.....also we are allowed 2 days a month that we can request a 8 hour day:tongue_sm around here its about 50/50 on the guys wanting and not wanting the O/T:thumbup1: BC (not boston college) :oops:
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    You're kidding. Right?
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    Depends on location, many big cities/metro areas drivers are done around 6:30pm with a 8:30am start
    In some remote areas(where I was) we started at 9:20(didn't leave til 10)
    and could return as late as 11pm(NON-peak) most finished around7-8pm daily
    I clocked 500+hours of OT last year.(for those with poor math skills thats about $21,000 at top rate)
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    I used to work from 8:15 to about 6:30 in a metro center (Air had to be back by 6:10 or 6:15) If you were later you would have to drop air at airport. Now (in a smaller rural center)I work from 8:30 to about 7:30 or 8:00.
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    Depends a whole lot on the dispatch. I've had days where I'm in and off the clock at 4:45PM and others where I don't clock out until 8:30PM. (We start at 8:20-8:30) Generally speaking the guys who work 10-12hr days regularly have a ridiculous amount of pickups.
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    The center I retired from wants the drivers back by 6:15 to drop off air, but then you go back out and finish your route.