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  1. radone

    radone My goal =driver job

    I am new to UPS . I am a pre loader and at first it was hectic, but now I got it down and it is not bad , (exept the pay). I would like to get a driver posistion, I understand that it takes time ,

    I would like to know what is my best path to getting a driver posistion , I am willing to go the extra mile on making this a reality . Any info or help that I get from you all will be used to make this a reality for me!

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  3. raceanoncr

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    That's it in a nutshell. You have to wait for all others before you to decide if they want to go.

    That's what seniority is all about.
  4. radone

    radone My goal =driver job

    I figured as much.
    I talked to my part time super and another manager and they said that it uaually takes about a year or two .
    I am in a new hub (building), it is in Maple Grove, Minnesota , it is only FIVE years old.
    I was told that it takes less time in this building than others, one of the drivers I preload for said that he was in Minneapolis , MN. hub for 10 years until he got a driver job, and to get it he had to go to the hub that I work in to become a driver.
    they all say that my building is quicker than others.
    is this true or does this sound like BS ??

  5. scratch

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    It sounds like you are in a great location as far as waiting to go full time. It used to take 5-10 years when I was part-time. We have a couple of guys now who started Driving School just a few weeks after getting hired part time into a Hub job. Good luck.
  6. radone

    radone My goal =driver job

    So , seniority goes by the location you work out of ? and NOT the entire UPS company ?
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    Not the entire company, but it's important at your building - and also down the road, when you're already full-time, and job bids within your district go up (where applicable) and it's your turn to bid...the more seniority you have, the sooner you bid adn better selection is available.
  8. radone

    radone My goal =driver job

    Thanks for all the Info guys !
    I have worked at MANY other companys and am not used to others being so helpfull. Actually I have not met one jerk at UPS yet.
    I am sure I will sometime... HA HA...
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    [I am new to UPS . I am a pre loader and at first it was hectic, but now I got it down and it is not bad , (exept the pay). I would like to get a driver posistion, I understand that it takes time ,

    Whats wrong with the pay? Eveybody just wants to start out as a driver. I bought my first house on part-time pay. Earn your keep!
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    Did you buy that house twenty years ago?
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    Did that house come with wheels?:surprised:
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    :happy2:radone it takes when you do drive it's not a 9to5 job.:happy-very:a lot of people try it few make takes a different type of person to be a driver.:funny:you won't have much of a family you are out till job gets times it's a dogs life.
  13. radone

    radone My goal =driver job

    Didn't I say that I would eventually meet a jerk ? (mgator39)
    there is always a few.
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    radone, we have had a lot of people start at our building and not want to start at the bottom and work there way up. All they want to do is make the big money right away. These are same people who are ussually the biggest complainers. I'm sorry I put you in their category with out even knowing you. In our building alot of part-timers deliver air in addition to preload or metro. I used to get 35-50 hours a week. That in addition to my wife's income allowed me to buy a house. Keep working hard and your time will come. Sorry!
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    Seniority is definitely by building sounds like you're in a good spot.

    I had a chance to see maple grove a couple of years ago. Its one of our experiments in full automation. Circular bullfrog small sort systems. Large tilt tray belts that sort the packages to the outbound. The tilt tray belts have a roller coaster look to them.

    Occasional electrical breakdowns were the biggest problem.
  16. brownrodster

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    Patience. You may have anywhere from 6 months to 5 years to wait depending on the seniority in your building.

    Eveyone gets a chance. You just have to wait yoru turn.
  17. brownrodster

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    Ok, 30 years ago (you sound old) mayber that was possible. But today houses cost more than 20,000$. About 10-20 times that much. The pt pay has not increased 10-20 times. PTers take home about 200$ a week in my building.
  18. mgator39

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    I was venting in that post, please read my most recent post in this thread.
  19. Jack4343

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    Start driving on Saturdays. There are so many reasons to do so. You will learn a bit of the stress involved in the day-to-day delivery of packages. You also will have valuable one on one time with the DIAD. Become one with the DIAD. LOL! You also will learn how to drive a package car and familiarize yourself with delivery areas. You'll also experience contact with customers and learn the fastest way to complete the delivery. You'll also get to know on-car supervisors in your building. Perform for them and they'll remember that. They might even call you in to help with PM air routes during the week or even a full ground route when they are short staffed during vacations, call-in's, etc.

    All of the stuff listed above is so important. By following those steps, you will be able to move into a cover-driver or full-time package car position seemlessly with very little trouble. Remember, you aren't just awarded a full-time driving position and keep it. You have to qualify for the position. If you don't perform in your 30 day probationary period, you will be disqualified and have to try again later. I cannot stress enough the importance of driving Saturday air. I've seen so many in-building people come in to driving without ever doing it before and not make it. It's not an easy job. You move quickly with a purpose all day long and wasted missteps (struggling with the DIAD, getting lost, passing stops) will hinder you big time. The training you will receive once you get a driving job is minimal at best and will not fully prepare you for the position.

    The path I took was driving Saturday air and learning everything. As I progressed, I took on air pickups to learn how to record pickups. Then I volunteered myself to be available to cover emergency PM routes when no driver was available. After doing that, I got a cover driver job. My laying the groundwork ahead of time, I became a cover driver and basically hit the ground running. Everything I was taught in driving school and during my 30 day probation period was stuff I already knew so I didn't struggle.

    In the end, it's all about commitment. You have to dedicate yourself to the position. The pay is excellent and it is for a reason. You earn every cent of it. It's not easy money by any stretch.

    Sorry for the long post. I kinda got on a roll and ran with it!:happy2:
  20. raceanoncr

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    As Scratch said, it sounds like you're in a great position for quick advancement. Others are not as great. Watch out for this, though:

    In some metro areas (I'm not saying yours is one), there may be two or more centers or hubs that work off the same seniority board. For instance, where you're at, Maple Grove ain't that far away from Minn hub or St Paul, either. Are they separate boards? Find out for more peace of mind. Lenexa and Kansas City come to mind. Same board.