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    so after browsing on here for a while i see a lot of people saying it isnt possible to go off the street and into a job as a ft driver. most threads are saying there's a long wait to move up from handler or loader.

    i got the call today to start training monday and the hr guy said id be brought into a ft driver position, so i'm wondering is this the kind of thing where ill work until right before probation ends and get fired or maybe things are just done differently here in Canada?
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    whats ds mean? i start monday so if its ups acronyms, i havent seen it yet
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    You will.
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    awesome. thanks for the help guys. vague faces on one hand and half information on the other. pretty helpful.
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    DS is one of the few Canadian members on this forum. He is from the Toronto area. Send him a PM---he will be happy to answer whatever questions you may have as the rest of us are not that familiar with how UPS operates in Canada.
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    Lucky you. In Canada they are so much more laid back. You get to enjoy a beer on your lunch for instance.
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    Ya Klein can vouch for that. :rofl:
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    Its not impossible. Just not very probable. You must have been in the right place at the right time.
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    i've known 2 ex-purple guys that successfully made it into brown uniforms from off-the-street (one is a member here on the forums while the other is just too busy to be posting here) so it can be done. in Canada, though, is different than our US counterparts
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