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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by sickntired, Dec 8, 2014.

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    I have been with UPS since 2005 and was hired as a Full Time driver on April 1, 2014. Be for then I had been part time on the preload and also a part time Air Driver since April 2007. Well i had origionally been told that I would have to go through a 4 year driving progression.... But today after actually just taking some time and reading through the contract I am no longer sure about that??? In the contract it states that on page 155-156
    No employee shall be required to complete a full-time pro- gression more than one (1) time even if he or she transfers between full-time jobs except as set forth in this paragraph. The sole exception is when an employee is awarded a package car or feeder driver job and has not previously held a full-time job which includes driving duties. In such event, the employee will have a break-in rate equal to the employee’s current wage rate until six (6) months from the date the employee entered the job. The employee will then go to the prevailing top rate. A part-time air driver who has completed the Article 40 progression, bids a full-time inside job and then a driver job within two (2) years shall have the same break-in period."

    According to this I believe that I should now be at top rate...

    Any input would be greatly appreciated
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    Ask your steward.
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    What?? kind of answer,Is that? :clown:
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    I wa bustin his chops. Not a serious answer.
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    Air driver would have to have been your primary classification for you to be red circled at the air driver top rate. I went through the same thing.
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    I know.
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    I was a part time air driver for 10 years prior to becoming a FT driver. I get no credit towards my 4 year progression, correct?
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    If PT air driver was your primary job you should at least keep your rate until progression passes it up. If you were a Saturday air or Air Exception driver and your primary job was working the hub or preload, no. Also no credit for time served.
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    That article is basically saying...

    If you become a combo and are topped out, and you become a driver, then you don't have to wait another 4 years to top out as a driver. You only wait 6 months from your driving start date.

    The bottom part basically says...

    If you are a topped out part-time air driver, and you become a combo, then you become a driver (at any point during your combo period), you only have to wait 2 years until you top out as a driver.

    To answer your question about your air driving applying to your 4 year progression (assuming you weren't a full-time air driver or a combo), there are instances where the company say it doesn't apply, and there are instances where some have convinced the company to apply it to their progression. I'm not sure of any contract language that applies to this, but try to work something out if you can. The worst they can say is no.

    However, hopefully there is something in the contract that does touch on that situation, and hopefully it's in your favor.

    Good luck brother.
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    You have to had bid a full time inside job then moved to a full time driving job within 2 years for that to apply.. U were only part time preload.. Never full time.. I would think the 4 years is correct
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    I believe while the 4 year progression would apply, your pt driving rate (utility?) would also. So, while it will still take 4 years to top out, your pay would be no lower that pt rate in the way up.
  13. UPS Preloader

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    I believe his first post implied his official job title was a Preloader, therefore his preload rate would prevail.
  14. enjoy your 4 years
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    Sounds like you are a preloader who drives Saturday air. Now you are a full time driver who is going thru your first full time progression. You are under the 4 year progression and your current pay may be higher than the 4 year progression starting pay if you drove utility ( delivered ground packages) after you went thru the class to become a Saturday/ utility driver. If this is the case you should make the higher wage until your full time progression catches up.
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    Anyone know the 4-year progression pay scale off the top of your head? I became a FT cover/swing driver in June of 2014 so I've been driving a little over 6 months.

    I have that massive packet they gave us in training but it doesn't have the specific salaries for each of the 4 years. If this isn't the right forum plz let me know.

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    18.75 to start and a small increase each year. Then at year 4, you make about a $10 jump in pay per hour.
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  19. ManInBrown

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    I believe it is

    Start 18.75
    Seniority 18.75
    1year 19.50
    2year 21.00
    3year 25.00
    4year topped out
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    I'm in there with you. I worked preload and was an Satuday air driver. I couldn't get red circled in either. I'm in the 4 year plan also.