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    Some of you might find my story comical, others might find it relatable, but ultimately I want it to be educational.

    I’ve worked in the pre-load for many years. I have excelled at it enough that I can make my drivers happy under even some of the worst circumstances. I recently applied for an air driver position and received training in my hometown and then additional training in Seattle. I had never done the position nor was directly told what it would involve. When questions were asked it was usually followed by “you’ll do fine”, or “you’ll learn it”.

    Upon my first day after a MONTH of undergoing my training I was tasked with learning the sort, auditing hazardous materials, memorizing a legit list of driver procedures, learning airport protocols, learning the Diad, and of course driving a UPS truck for the first time.

    I could give a rant about my training, but I’ll sum it up as a lot at the same time, and not enough showing. My supervisor asked me to train off the clock because they are not able to give me adequate amounts of training. I’m also a P/T student at a local college and don’t feel obliged to give 100% of my time towards a job that is PT when I have literally thousands of dollars in tuition reimbursement at stake.

    I showed up Day 2 of my training and was rushed through learning anything about my Daid, I still don’t know how to even turn it on. I was left to run a small sort on the twilight which I also have no idea how to do other than a quick 5 minute tutorial I learned the day before.
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    After finishing the sort which I was extremely stressed about because it’s air packages and I’m ultimately responsible, I am rushed to the airport. I made a few mistakes in my driving probably from stress or being overloaded with information and my sup said my driving was worrisome. I came back to the center after finishing with my sup the second day and he tells me that at this point it’s sink or swim.

    I know my strengths and weaknesses. I’m a slow learner ( often terrible starts until I can start to grasp concepts) and then from there I usually get better and better. The training that I’ve received doesn’t really match that and I’m probably going to sink.

    Some final thoughts are that I have a bit more respect for the drivers that are kind of rushed to meet deadlines while following a list demands from UPS that are near impossible to do while also making the deadlines. I was really down about this whole experience but I’m choosing to just laugh at myself tbh. Thanks for reading
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    To put DIAD in sleep mode (save battery)use voice activation. Press and hold shift key (yellow) and say the world's "sleep mode".
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  4. BigUnionGuy

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    He only has a Daid.... and doesn't know how to turn it on.

    Can you help ?
  5. Days

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    Lol good catch. Honestly not shocked that I spelt it wrong
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    The best thing you can do for yourself when behind the wheel, is look way out ahead of you. It sounds like your looking right down the hood of the vehicle. Look way out ahead and make wide right turns.
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    Hit the barcode "scan" key to wake up the DIAD. If you need any more guidance, PM me.
  8. Days

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    Thanks, but I kind of want to sum up my story with some sort of conclusion. There was no way to tell if I would like a driver position at my hub. This was probably one of the easier ones and I still don't feel like it's completely in my toolset. I want to ultimately graduate college and get a job that i'm more comfortable doing. I was split before this on whether or not I wanted a long term career at UPS and my choice at this point is no.
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    Same thing with me. I learn slowly and it was stressful trying to figure everything out. I didn’t pass my probation period but got set up to do Saturday air. 2nd time around, I passed.

    If you want it, don’t give up.
  10. Days

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    No I don’t want it
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  11. MyTripisCut

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    No one wants this :censored2:.
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  12. OrioN

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    That's "Aim high in steering"... one should know that 5 keys of safe driving, it really does work when put into practice
  13. sandwich

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    Nobody "likes" being a driver. Were here because we have no other options. If you have a degree I would leave this place in the dust.
  14. PeakMode

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    Cool story bro. The only way to get better is the desire to do it and reps. If you do it long will get better...atleast most drivers do.
  15. Wally

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    Are you nutz!!! You don't want him turning anything on!...Yuk!
  16. Wally

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    21 year old, fitness model, as a helper?
  17. Heavy Package

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    1. Not comical
    2. Not relatable
    3. Not educational

    Have fun with your BA degree in liberal arts working at IHOP.
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  18. proyer

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    If you don’t want it then why did you waste the time to write your post and ask for help? Hard work is not for everyone.
  19. MyTripisCut

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    Hey bud. Don’t tell me how hard this job is. It’s not hard, it’s simple. Now STFU, Thanksgiving is almost over.
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  20. Poop Head

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    Female? I'll take one