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    I was talking to another steward today and he told me this story.

    On monday a proby driver took out his route while he did a half day. When he came back to the building ho noticed his truck was back and just sitting inside of the overhead door. So he went in and asked the girls in the office why his truck was back at the building, they were in shock so they went out and opened it up. Everything had fallen off the shelves and it was just one big mess. He then picked up the diad and there was a note, I QUIT THIS JOBS NOT FOR ME! This punk kid didnt even have the respect to inform anyone he was quitting. Wheres the work ethics with these kids now? He was only 22 and had the chance of of living a preety good life. Anyways any of you have similiar stories of drivers quiting like this.
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    tossing the kets over was't very last day i didn't burn any bridges.i del.everything no missed packages,wasn't any different day.
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    I thought i'd do something like that on my last day after i hit the lotto. I'd take the car out del the airs the head over to hooters for some beer and wings. I might even do a few pick ups then i'd come on in, Park the car clock out and never be heard from again.
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    What a whuss (if that's how you spell it.) I would give an arm and a leg to get a chance to drive.
  5. yeah thats happened here, except he left it in a wal mart parking lot (or a mall lot I forget which).

    most of our newbie drivers don't like it, though of course we cut routes like theres no tomorrow so all of our trucks are bricked out. There is no training route really. Also because they cut routes these guys don't really get a chance to learn. A friend of mine is doing well but they say he's not fast enough. The guy is in by 6/6:30 everyday...what are they expecting? No one really wants to go driving anymore, everyone is going for the 22.3's. Its because they basically want runners now (obviously they won't admit that outright because safety is our name) and these guys just aren't going to do it. I won't either.

    I'm on the heaviest pull in the building, I am guess they thought I was going to "run" well they were sorely mistaken. I do it right, load it tight and I don't wrap because of it. They ask why and I'm like hey you're running this place. The pull has a six hour plan and you want it done in under 5, you tell me why it isn't working. I'm not jeopardizing my health for this place, especially not for the chump change I make here. While drivers make more, its still not worth it if you're hurt. They tell you to follow all the methods but its impossible to get it done when they want you done, if you follow those methods. They don't follow them either here, double teaming the slide and the trailers in the unload are not in the methods. I can understand if its an emergency but this happens everyday now. I'm not supposed to keep up with six sorters on the slide (we normally have 3)...not to mention some of them are supes and I am going to start grieving them. I've had it with how horrible this operation runs. They can no longer claim lack of staffing (for a while they justifiably could) as HR says we're fully staffed.
  6. I heard of a guy that never came back with the truck. The supervisor called customers that he was supposed to have picked up during the day (before cell phones and diads). Finally they called his house around 10 pm to see if his wife had heard from him. The driver answered the phone and when asked where the package car is, his reply was "I did my 8 hours and I figured I would deliver the rest tommorow, the truck is parked in my driveway". Says alot for the training he recieved. Needless to say he probably dosent work at UPS anymore.
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    Ups instills into you the word run, even the reports are meant to beat it into you. You look at the operations report to see what you "ran" the day before. The sups say great day yesterday you ran 2 hours of bonus, or what happened yesterday you ran 2 hours over. I always like to say i didnt run anywhere i walked everything off!
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    i remeber onetime a new driver (before diad's)brought the truck back with a whole self yet to del.didn't tell anyone went he would of been fired.course he was only there a few weeks.
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    We've had a few do that also.
  10. DS

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    This is a bit off topic but as far as proper training goes,it takes the cake.
    Someone in the cafe posted about a year ago (I think the thread was"stupid things drivers do") not sure if its true...but it could happen....
    They sent a new guy out and told him to do your deliveries and do your pickups...and make sure you dont bring anything back.
    He went missing.The police couldn't find him.
    He called 3 days later from 3 states away to tell them he was running
    out of money.He was delivering all the pkgs he picked up and surviving
    on his cod money.
  11. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    Let's see, we had a part time cover driver that was sent out on a route with 130 stop after he had finished preload. They told him to run as much as he could but be off the clock when he hit 12 hours. He did exactly that. He ran until his 12 hours was up and then brought the truck back and went home. Problem was, he never told anyone that he hadn't delivered everything. Next morning when preload started up they found the 50 stops that were still on the truck. He got fired but got his job back.

    Had a peak hire that came from DHL that quit in the middle of the day. They put her on a downtown route in a 800 and she just couldn't handle it.
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    We've had a string of them the last few followed the regular abuse of a Division Manager. Two drivers just got sick of this BS, following multiple complaints to Atlanta on this jerk and one in person visit to Atlanta. During peak they left ther trucks at the mall and called in. It worked the DM was busted to as staff slot. Calling Corp does sometimes work.
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    I always wondered why a supe rides with all our last day retirees now!
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    Thanks DS,
    This has to be my all time favorite! I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes!
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    Excuse my ignorance.
    What is a proby driver? I have never heard that expression.
  16. 705red

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    Probationary driver, rookie still in his 40 days.
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    That would make a great movie.
    We couldn't call the company UPS(legal stuff), but maybe the driver worked for OOP's Delivery.
    If millions can be made with movies like "Dumb and Dumber", not to mention Micheal maroon's Idiotic success in the film industry, maybe with the collective mind of BrownCafe we could come up with a screen play.
    It must be late and I must be tired ,but the idea intrigues me.
    What better way is there to vent, then by writing a parody.
    I can see it in my minds eye, but I do wear corrective lens.
    Sorry, if I hijacked this thread.
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  19. satellitedriver

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    With that attitude, I wonder how he made it to retirement.
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    Lmao, DS that was a good one. I remember back in the day when we took cash I was running a downtown run. At one of the hotels, they were going to have a 10 dollar a watch sale. As I recall I delivered all the watches, they came in Cods(cash only). The total, was 10,000 dollars. He paid in 20 s. The thought, did cross my mind to pull a early retirement and cut and run(just kidding). I wouldn't have gotten far with that slow UPS truck. When, I got back to the center that evening, the center manager told me I shoud have gone by the bank and got a certified ck. Yeah, right dude.

    Anyhow, there was a 7 year driver at our center that went out with a full load, delivered a couple stops, parked the truck at a local business parking lot, put the key on the back shelf, closed the bulkhead door and locked it. He was kind enought to call the center and tell them where the truck was located and tell them the keys were in the back. Mgt did have doubles. LOL