Driver Relase - Gate, Carport, Etc...

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I forgot when this topic was addressed or if it was answered...
So here goes
1. Hit soft key for delivery
2. Hit big arrow down
3. Menu should pop up a. = Car Port d= Gate.
I use d a lot for all my customers with dogs. I'll try and post pics tomorrow.
My favorite is BBQ.
I can just see my kids going out turning on the gas and not checking under the lid (they never do) and puff up in smoke goes a package that got delivered.


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I was told last night. "Our dogs are now pulling the packages off the top of the we have a trash can with a brick inside it..."

I'm supposed to throw their packages in the garbage can! WTF!

Better get that in writing
Then hold on to it

I can see this going bad

I had quite a few rural customers with (friendly) dogs that kept a trash can by their steps for me to leave their packages.


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Years ago after a few packages got burned up in grills we were banned from using them as a hiding place. I always wondered who in their right mind would come home and fire up the grill without opening it up first just---- because?


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Who is using soft keys on their diads to deliver with? Function 5 all day long!

But seriously, I love using the shrub key. And also, E - mail room always makes me laugh (email room.) Guess I'm just delirious when I get to those stops in the 170/180 delivered mark.