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  1. All,
    General question, are there parts of the country where UPS drivers go out with another employee or guard just because the "hood" is so bad? How many areas in your local where the driver wont carry his/her wallet, watch, etc just because of the area?
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    i know there are parts of newark NJ where we wont deliver to at all, all packages for that section get postcarded and its up to the cust to come get it.
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    I thought I've heard some parts of NY.
  4. My old route was on the news at least once a week for 2+ homicides. Would only carry minimum DOT required documents, and days I planned to stop for lunch $5. Didn't even like to carry that, thanked God every night I made it back to the building alive. Worse part was management always sent me out with 12 hours of work. I always sent in message as directed going to go over 9.5, reply always was no help available. One day a resident upon delivery made the comment I'd get outta here before it gets dark if I were you. Later the same day tried making deliveries to several homes where the people were home lights on hear them talking but would not answer door or even look out window. And of course it was a closed delivery loop so needed signatures, just means more unnessesary work for tomorrow. Don't miss fearing for my life everyday one bit.