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    Is anyone familar with the starting wage and pay raises for UPS Drivers? I'm mainly interested in what the pay is before your thirty days is up, and what your pay is after your probation period is up. Thank you.
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    You can find this information at the following website:
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    Please forgive Upstate. He's usually a plethora of useful information. He must have taken a nasty pill today. I'll gladly answer your question if I may. As a new hire you can expect a weekly compensation of:

    • 3 bales of hay
    • 5 - 16 oz bottles of water
    • 2 boxes of Junior Mints
    • a 36" roll of 8 grit sandpaper
    After obtaining seniority, you'll also get a case of Preparation-H per week.

    Glad I could be of service.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    BB was right--I am having a bad day.

    All of the above items can be purchased at Big Babboo Enterprises.
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    17.25 when you make senority
    18.45 after 12 months
    20.75 after 24 months
    top rate affter 36 months
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    Those pay rates are the same across the US?
  7. dilligaf

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    Not exactly, but within a few cents.
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    The "Top Rate" varies a bit from one area to another. In New England it is currently $29.965 per hour. It is scheduled to go up every six months until it 2/1/2013, when the Top Rate will be $32.14. (Some raises might be redirected into the pension fund.)

    When a New Hire completes his three year progression, his payrate jumps up to whatever the Top Rate is at that time.

    Six out of seven drivers come from the part-time ranks. If they were on the payroll before 8/1/2008 and are making more than the progression rate, they keep their higher rate until the progression exceeds their part-time rate.

    The Contract and Supplements: