Driver swarmed by bees,faulted for the injury

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    A driver in our center who delivers in a very rural area ran over a yellow jackets nest while making a delivery( This strain of wasp nests in the ground,and cannot be seen unless you are right on top of the entrance ) he was stung dozens of times resulting in a trip to the Emergency Room.The Safety Manager decided the driver was at fault for the injury because he..............................wait for it.............................Didn't Expect the Unexpected. I am asking the safety committee to have the company purchase Bee Suits for all of the drivers so that we can be prepared for the unexpected
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    I'm not surprised.
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    This happened to my son on a class field trip. This nest was also in the ground so there was no way you could see it. I never knew he could run that fast.

    To the OP--the safety manager is an idiot.
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    The driver is going to file a grievance against the bees for workplace violence, right?
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    I call Bee S on this part of the story...
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    Pretty standard.
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    What? No notice of discharge? They went easy on him.
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    Safety manager to property owner "Are the bees okay???"
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    We had a bee PCM a few weeks ago. How come we have to expect everything yet mgmnt doesn't realize it's peak until it's too late?
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    During my qualifying days, I was getting yelled at for walking too far. Back in that driveway, let the truck do the work, I was told. Ahh how things change.
    I backed into the driveway, hit a nest of bees, I dont know what kind.....the stinging kind. The cab was full and they were biting me. Stinging I guess, I peeled out and got down the road. The owners came out to see if I was ok, as they had called someone to come get the nest. And had not yet arrived. I went back to the house and called the center on a land line, estimated I got stung 20 + times. They gave me some benadryl I was fine. I was .50 late. I was told,............................... not acceptable to qualify, doesnt matter what happened.
    Being new, I thought My God, what do they expect crap happens, now I know. It is...always....your ....fault.
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    Catch enough bees to fill a coffee can. Take it to work, and sneak it in to sups office, take the lid off and shut the door. Sup is right expect the unexpected, but he forgot the first part bee prepared.
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    If they ran into half the crap that we do all day, they would not expect it.
    They forget, what its like, they want to act like we are out there napping. They have no clue, anymore.
    Its a whole different bird.
    Not to say they didnt have problems, like frozen pens and wet paper. If they ever spent a moment in the drivers seat.
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    Hate to admit this-I believe it.
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    beelieve it
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    Nothing I hear about UPS surprises me. If I hadn't witnessed some of the crap that spews forth out of managements pie-holes I would have called BS in a heartbeat but I know better so I believe it 100%. I saw a driver charged with an accident because the seagull he hit cracked his windshield. He even brought the dead bird back with him.
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    Both these guys got screwed,but that is what the Birds and the Bees is all about. Just saying !
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    this is crazy
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    They figured the bees already gave him plenty of discharge.