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    I've only been at UPS since holiday peak. Got hired for driver helper, and lucked into a position in the pre-load which has since turned into 5 mornings a week. Center supervisor called me this afternoon asking if I was interested in training for temp driver.

    I'm not that familiar with the system, but I hear a lot of the other preloaders saying they are gonna wait till they have like 5 years of seniority before they put in for a driver position. This way they have a better chance at fulltime.

    Can anyone shed some insight into the situation? Would waiting on the pre-load for seniority be more advantageous in the long run?
  2. cachsux

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    Put your name in now and see where the opportunity takes you. If there is a driver need in the next few year why pass up being in line .
  3. ORLY!?!

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    Dont go into fulltime stright out, the pay is half of what I will explain next.

    UPS is looking for people to go into fulltime straight out because they will pay you 14.81 an hour. Sure, you'll make killer hours, but. A cover driver will make 18 something an hour and wait 5 years to make 25 an hour. Sure, you will make those dollars each year to get to 25, but its a hella lot better then 14.81 an hour to start.

    You see UPS is looking for the persons wanting the job all out. They will put you threw as much hell and moreso as the rest of them, but nearly half the pay. So, one would be screwed over. Anyways, the UPS slogan on employment should be " yer screwed if you do, yer screwed if you dont ".

    You choose, dont listen to us, we've been around to see it all. Good luck!
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    I say go for it.

    One reason: on road experience. The sooner the better and the better driver you will be.

    Second reason: you are already on book as a preloader, so it can't hurt. You are only getting a 1:6 or so better chance since you could be an "outside hire" or "inside hire".

    You have little seniority as an inside employee, so most of the driving jobs that the preloaders are offered will be out of touch. However, At least in a few years, if you really are GOOD as a "temp" cover, you could be a lucky one and make book with the outside hire that the preloader missed.

    make sense?
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    If he already has seniority as a preloader he wouldn't be eligible for an outside hire spot, would he? But if you have the time go for it the experience can't hurt.
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    I would say go for it, if you can. I had a full time job and couldn't afford to work full time for 6 months and then need to search for another full time job after Christmas.

    Your fellow preloaders, years down the road when a bid comes up may not qualify for one reason or another, so if you can get in and familiarize yourself with the job then I think you should
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    GO FOR IT! I came into ups looking to be a driver right away but they told me they weren't looking to hire drivers and I was offered a job as a preloader. For 6 months I worked the preload and then was tipped off about the reg-temp bid list and signed it with the hopes I would stay on as a full-time driver after the holidays. I worked my ass off, came in early to set the truck up, helped everyone out to make cutoff(even if it meant skipping my lunch, your sup will love you for that), skipped my lunch to make cutoff, never called out, and did everything my supervisor asked and more. You have to show them you WANT it bad, and if you do they won't let you down. After peak was over I re-qualified and am now a full time driver and have been for 2 years. By the way reg-temps get paid more than a driver hired off the street and if they keep you, your pay will freeze at that higher rate and will not go down.
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    Working off the clock? skipping lunch? NOPE. If they bring you on as a temp just do the job right. Don't screw the company and don't screw yourself out of your VERY hard earned $