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Look. Anything fishy like this that happens to you anywhere in the world, the first thing you should do is GET A LAWYER!

When dealing with UPS, it's the very first thing I will do, right after hearing from my BA that nothing is going to be different.

No jumping through hoops unless MY LAWYER says so.



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In the first post he was to take a blood and urine test.
He took the blood test and left. This tells me he refused the urine test.
Instant termination?
Not always. Years ago after a work related injury I went to an emergency room for treatment. Just before being discharged I was asked to take a drug test "per UPS rules". Knowing my rights, I refused and called my BA. He shows up at the hospital and after some back and forth discussion I am allowed to leave.
The dug test would have been clean but UPS had no right to request one in that instance.