driver tipping preloaders

When I was a preloader I got some gifts at the last day of peak from some drivers. I got everything from booze to basketball tickets. If you have a good loader a small gift can go a long way.


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i loaded for twelve years prior to moving to SPA/DA and i got tips every year from nearly every driver. But lets look at the tips from a different angle. Lets say you intend to tip your loader $100 this year, as your loader does a great job everyday. IMHO insted of dropping the c-note on Dec 24, why not bring in a soda once in a while? Maybe a DVD, or some other nicety once in a while often thoughout the year. Even if you wanna use it as a draw against the $100 you would normally tip, the constant reminder that you appreciate the effort put forth by the loader can go much farther than a once a year tip.

Its just my opinion of course, but how i see it, theres a pile of reasons for doing it that way as your loader may load 6 months, then be moved, quit, or advance in the company. That once a month or so you show your appreciation can do wonders.

Of course, if your loader doesnt give a crap, then dont give him/her crap


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That is a nice idea. Although I usually have just tipped at Christmas, and a week before, so if he/she needed it for things, they would have it early.


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I like the idea of soda or something throughout the year. I have one driver who brings me a drink once a week if I did a good job (no misloads, good loads). The others don't do anything and that is fine too. I still try to load my trucks the same (meaning I don't favor any of them) and I usually don't hear any complaints (until today).

It seems odd to me that co-workers tip each other. Mine did tip me last year but I did not expect it and I would not expect this year since I have new drivers.


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While preloading I received goodies that the drivers would collect from customers. Candles,Food,etc... My hands were always open.


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I ALWAYS tip about a week before Christmas. Even if the loader isn't that good, he's still bustin' butt. I also tip my helper... not as much as my loader ($100) but I buy my helper's lunch every day, too. :thumbup1: I think it is tough not to tip the guys working with you when they see you collecting those "holiday cards.":tongue_sm


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My preloaders the best! I gave him a GC last year, as did the two other drivers in his pull. One of the other drivers suggested we give him cash this year.

What do you preloaders think? Three gift certificates to different places, or a wad of cash?

Also, is it only the more senior drivers who still tip? Seems to me tipping the preloader is only done by [-]us[/-] the old guys!


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I tip my preloader the last week of x-mas, and i leave my cooler full of ice in my trk nightly with powerades in them for him in the morning. I also by my helper lunch everyday during peak and bring him as my date for our xmas party. This year we qualify to get him medical benefits (gay benefits), so no lunch for him this peak!LOL

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Only had one preloader in my 23 years that was worth tipping so I took care of her around Christmas. She was about 95 pounds dripping wet and I never figured out how she got the heavy stuff on the top shelf. My load was almost perfect every day. Never had another one that was anywhere close to what she did. In the last 6 years I have had about 10 different people loading my car. If I ever get one that is worth their salt, I'll gladly take care of em. Most of em quit once they figure out they actually have to work to get a check.

Just so you don't think I am a nasty SOB I don't think the company pays em enough money to start out. I think the starting pay is about the same as when I started. Thats a shame. We have one guy at the center that has been there over 25 years. He only makes a few dollars less than the drivers.


Used to be common practice to Christmas tip the loaders around here, at least before the paint by numbers PAS loads and the constant carousel of short-term loaders. I've loaded over 25 years and my original drivers all tipped religiously. Of course, I also always reciprocated and bought candy, nuts, etc. for them as well. After those drivers retired, I don't think I've seen a tip in the last 10 years, though I still try to get some snacks at Christmas for my regular drivers. At 25+ years though, I obviously make enough compared to the new loaders that I do not need any gratuities, but an occasional Cold water or sports drink in summer would be greatly appreciated. As for load quality, I wouldn't tip me either! I could go years without a misload before PAS, and know that every address in my trucks would be in the same place every day. Now I have no clue what's on my trucks on any given day, let alone what trucks I'll even have each day. We don't read addresses anymore, just sequence numbers, and at 4 in the morning it takes a lot of coffee to keep the numbers from all looking the same. Now I'm lucky if I can go 4-5 days without misloading some poor rookie driver with some package in the next county. And for all it's supposed efficiency, my PPH rate has dropped from 230 down to 150. More flow, but that only leads to more damages/tape-ups, stacking out, missed scans, etc. PAS has been POS so far in our center! I also worked in the restaurant/bar business for years, and I can tell you that those that make less $$$$ do appreciate the gratuities if they've earned it. And loading, even with the new dummy system is far harder than bartending and a lot less fun, and now it even pays less! So, if you appreciate your loader, go ahead and show it. It doesn't have to be a lot, either. If your loader truly sucks though, don't sweat it; he'll probably be getting a promotion pretty soon anyways!


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I don't have a preloader long enough to appreciate his work and tip him acordingly. We've never had one last more than 6 months +/-