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  1. My daughter will be starting drivers education soon. How many of you that have gone through this with your children and have applied the safe driving methods we learn at UPS with them. Or do you just let their teacher do the job they are paid to do.
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    Our local schools do not offer drivers ed so I taught both of my kids how to drive. We used the UPS parking lot on the weekends to practice. They both learned how to drive using a manual transmission vehicle.

    My son is a "pizza dude" so that all safe driving I taught him went out the window.:wink2:
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    I made my son learn and use our methods, don't know if he used them when he was driving alone. I've watched the driving school students around here and not impressed.
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    I made my 16 year old know the methods word for word. Took him less then a day to memorize it. He actually played the reverse to my wife which :censored2: her off. Overall I would say that it has paid off.
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    I brought home UPS training materials I got from a supervisor.

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    My daughter just started drivers ed. The biggest things I've tonight her is scanning & leaving a space cushion. We are also having her take a weekend advanced driver training class, or skid school it's referred to as. Also, instead of taking the bus, we take her to school, let her drive, so she's familiar to that trip. Also going to start going out with her to places she may frequent, a store, restaurant, etc.
    Gotta keep them safe, & this is the first big step of letting go, I don't like it
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    What kind of pizza?
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    Road Code - UPS Corporate Responsibility

    UPS volunteers present classroom instruction to young people ages 13-18 in areas including:
    -UPS driving "code" or habits, used by all UPS drivers
    -Consequences of hazardous and distracted driving
    -Identifying road hazards on an interactive computer-based game
    -Test driving skills on a virtual simulator
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    My kids wanted to know what good it would do to memorize a bunch of drivel. I agreed. The driving school taught them for the most part.
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    One of my dispatch mangers daughter can recite the DOK word for word and she still has been in 5 or 6 accidents...
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    That sounds like some driver who ended up going into management. The more you hit the more they want you on their team.
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    I taught my kids to drive the UPS way,then they had to go to a Mass certified state school for a certificate! I told them to do as the instructer says,but on your own do what I said ,, I also made them watch the 5 seeing habits video and went over with them till they were sick (like us )
    When they got their licsense, I gave them each a note that I signed,which promised me THEY WOULD CALL ME or the wife to come pick them up if they got stupid and were drinking! Promised them that they would get picked up,no yelling ,screaming or lectures, and that it would be discussed the following day !!! Both kids had to keep note in their wallet ,purse at all times.
    Thank God never got a call yet!
    When taking the kid to the road test,it also helps if you keep the Browns on LOL LOL
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    I liked the 5 keys of safety Smith: Home

    over the FedEx's S.A.F.E. system

    if you can't find the local Road Code course nearby, i suggest downloading the stuff from:

    drive safely work week

    it's a pretty good read for the most part...

    i'm starting my kids young before high school & take them to the local go-kart tracks...