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  1. When you want to go FT PC driving, is there a list that you put your name on or do you sign a bid sheet like every other job that opens?

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  2. UPSGUY72

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    You do both. They usually put up a list for PT wanting to go FT at the beginning of the year sign it and sign every driving bid that they put up.

    In my area they have a 3 displacement limit bids if after that they place a PT in the open position those PT come from the list they put up at the beginning of the year by seniority of the people on that list. So if there are higher seniority PT wanting to go FT but they never signed that list and you did you get picked before they do if the bidding would have met a four move. That how I got my position.

    If they put a route up for bid it goes by seniority of who ever signs that bid.
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    Do employees ever talk to each other anymore
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    And the search button is definitely broke!
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  5. Box Ox

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    Bid sheets go up earlier in the year. Sign them all as you never know who might not qualify or back out. You might want to give holiday temp driving a shot as management won't run the numbers on you and you'll get a feel for whether you'd definitely like to leave PT for it forever or opt for PT and another job. Summer temp driving will give you the best idea as you're given more feedback on how you're doing and have a chance to experience how hot the inside of a package car can get.
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  7. Go Brown Or Go Home!

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    Where I'm at you go to HR and sign a intent to drive sheet. Then once your a driver you sign bid sheets.
  8. BigBeef42

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    Our bid sheets are posted near the hub entrance when jobs come up.

    Also check HR bro

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  9. upschuck

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    Our bid sheets are posted on each work areas bulletin board. 5-6 areas.
  10. barnyard

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    You need to ask at your building. Things are different depending on where you are.
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    Yeah a product of the I'd rather text you than talk to you generation.
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    Well, if they would text other drivers, then perhaps they would know how these things work.