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    So i've been on taw for a couple weeks now & just went for an mri yesterday for my lower back, possible disc problem. If i run some airs out of the building I punch into a diad of course but if I'm inside all day they dont want me punching into a diad. Reason is that it shows up as another route on their reports & with no deliveries or pickups made which makes them look crappy i guess. But everytime I do inside work & dont punch into a diad they mess up my paycheck. Can I be disciplined for clocking into a diad to ensure i get paid my correct amount worked time?
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    I would just work as instructed and make sure the union files for pay errors.

    Now, having said that, it seems to me they could have you punch in (DIAD) and code out the time.
  3. if theres one thing this company seems to excel at is creating a complicated way to pay its employees. The timecard system for us has never had more problems than when we went to GTS. I'm not affected (PTRS) but too many people have to write down their times because they can't punch in to the timeclock or aren't getting paid correctly for extending to other shifts. That last one is a real nightmare, management on other shifts charging the hours to the extensions actual shift instead of the one they extended to...ridiculous. It happens daily. People should just be able to punch in, get paid their rate for whatever hours they work and thats it. What is so hard about that?...oh I forgot this company also came up with PAS. PAS is a great system when used properly (reasonable speeds on the belts, boxline, time to check labels, etc), but its rarely used that way. So at least we know why that has problems. I'm not sure what the deal is with the time clock system, but if the DIAD works right (for paying you) I don't see why they can't just code it correctly and not have problems (like upsdude said).
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    Can't you check with your OMS the next day to make sure you are paid for the hours worked? When ever I do something outside "the box" at UPS I always check with the OMS to make sure they gave me the right hours. And is this happening at any other centers or hubs where the "normal" 30 day TAW is now being automatically extended to 41 days? Our TAW's are all over town delivering, picking up packages all without DIAD's. Sad to say, but the regular drivers start calling for them if they need help that the TAW can do. It's like having a helper without having to feed them.
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    TAW employees hours are charged the the automotive dept in our building so that would solve some confusion to why you can NOT punch in on a diad. Lets face it, TAW is an easy way to cover up an osha reported time loss injury from yuor present classification. One guy cleaned windows with one hand so he wouldnt lose any time away from work. He was told just do what you can do, then they look the other way for the rest of the night. There is nothing illegal about it if they chose to pay thier employees.imo just another cover up.....
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    Can't you refuse TAW and just file workers comp. if the injury occured at work?
    How does UPS continue to get away with crippling people for life?
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    We have a Package Driver who is on TAW for knee surgery. He goes around doing nothing but cleaning windshields, since our Car Wash has forgot how to do that. Its good to be able to see out of them again.
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    Forgive me... what's TAW?
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    Temp Alt Work
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    I have the same question, sort of. I've been told that the company offers TAW & if you refuse it they dont have to pay you workers comp since they offered you work that "their doctors" say you are capable of doing. Which boggles my mind that any doctor would tell a patient who just hurt his/her back that its ok for them to be lifting up to 20lbs. I've also heard something about you can only be on TAW for 30 days & if you're still unable to report for full duty then they have to put you out on full comp. I have to go to work everyday & be in pain 90% of the day. I'm not falling over in pain but I'm walking with a limp, have spasms, have radiating pain down to my calf from my lower back. Not that I'd be any use sitting home but why should I have to put stress/ weight on the injured area? How will that help to heal it?