Drivers that Pass on work!!!

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    Is there a rule to terminate drivers for passing on work all the time. I keep hear myth that there is a rule that states; if a driver passes more than 9 or 10 time in a 9 month period, they are ultimatly terminated. Drivers passing on work that is to hard, letting lower seniorty drivers work, but taking all the easy work living the lower driver hanging. Im aware of to driver passing on work up 3 to 4 times a week. UPS is a equal opportunity company, so then why do they show favoritism to certain driver if they are female and can't handle work that all other driver can do. Isn't because it is easier to push them aside and to have to worry about the paper work for terminating them?? So my question is what can I do in my situation to be able to work and not have to sit at home and watch my work just being wishy washy.??
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    Look up the word "Seniority" in the dictionary, that should answer your question.
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    This question makes no sense what so ever.
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    You're right, it doesn't.
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    I'm guessing you are that "lower seniority" driver?
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    I would not guess. Let the noob try to rephrase the question as an answer.
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    At least low man is getting work.
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    Lol I read this post about 5 times before there were any replies. Looks like I'm not the only one that couldn't decipher the code. Please rephrase your question without all the added blabber.
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    This is what I understood:

    No, there is no such rule. How can the company fire someone for this when it IS the company that allows them to do it.
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    I guess you are a lower senority tcd and you are tired of seeing senior tcd drivers getting days off, picking thier routes and so forth. Well like i tell the guys that are lower than me. If you don't want to drive, take your name off of the bid list.
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    Welcome to serving your time. We were all there at one point, your no more special than anyone else. You want equal pay for equal work for females, you got it. If you can't handle driving now then you'll be gone in less than 5 years. Do yourself a favor and either accept that you while you work here you need to deal with the work everyday uuntil you get some senority under your belt or go back into the hub.
    Someone asked in another thread what is ups going to do when the fresh blood comes up, well you're looking at it in this thread.
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    Short version: Quit complaining about the work, you signed the bid sheet and if you follow the methods you'll be fine. Put your 401k Roth to 20% and ride the gravy train on those long routes. You'll see those guys passing on work working here till they are in thier 60s because they have too because of thier choices early in thier careers. Bank all that gravy while UPS is giving it, you never know when they'll turn the faucet off.
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    Look at the bright side. In 20 years your second post in this thread can be about all the lower seniority guys who bitch about you taking days off.
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    do a down and out or go for a post
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    I absolutely freaking love when I get to pull rank on the 4 guys below me on the list. So far, it's happened once.

    Biding my time, biding my time.
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    I will take " WHAT IS SENIORITY ???" for 300$$ Alex
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    "Senior driver does not mean you Mexican co-worker"

  19. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    Most hourly employees are unaware of why we have the eight-hour guarantee or the forty-hour guarantee. These days, most workers are making the company very aware that they do not care if they get those guarantees. It will likely get worse as time goes on. It does make it difficult for those that want to follow the contract. This is my opinion and I am sure many disagree. The first argument, as always, will be wanting to be home with family. We all want that. I feel that my family is better off if I actually work though.