Drivers with Flat Feet

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  1. Nineteen years of driving with flat feet and the introduction of ORION at my center has finally put me on disability. I recently learned that at 44 years old I have a condition called Adult Flat Foot or posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. Ive had this for about six years and continued to work which was a mistake because I'm now waiting to be scheduled for surgery that requires a lengthy recovery. Six weeks in cast followed by six more in a boot. Strengthening the foot will be take an unknown amount of time but a year on disability is not out of the question. Ive got 23 years total with UPS but at 44 years old I don't qualify to collect any amount comparable to my normal income. I cant claim comp. because my athletic related sprained ankles and genetics are the bigger cause than the work. ORION just finished it off. Anyone experience something similar? Looking for useful advice.
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    I'm still trying to understand the relationship between Orion and your medical condition.
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    I have a flat ass does that count?

    Can you add supplemental then later on down the road go out and collect?
  4. ORIOn has created more stops because the area are condensed . More stops more up and down in and out.
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    Just because you have more stops doesn't mens you have to do them. Work at your own pace and file 9.5's every week.
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    Yours would be one of the very few areas that Orion lead to more work more efficiently.
  8. I have to agree with that, especially the way it was so horribly introduced. Its not a five day a week well oiled machine, but at least three of those five it is impressive. You wont realize it until you give it a chance and follow it and then see how your miles are down, your stops are up and its only 6:30 when your headed back to the building. I question it all day long but I cant argue with dropping miles consistently.