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  1. TooTechie

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    So, whenever I have to drive this truck (1400) I always say I'm driving the bus because it's so damn big...Today I saw a full sized school bus in a parking lot and pulled up next to it. Sure enough it's only about 2 feet shorter than a full length school bus.

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    I would say that's a solid 3-4 ft. Your photo isn't square on so its a deceiving picture.
  3. cachsux

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    ​Guys always try and add a couple of feet when they measure things.
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    Just be glad it wasn't a school bus! you would be driving something LARGER than you have now. and would be making a whole lot less!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hey...quit talking to my wife!!!I am a legend in my own mind or (pants)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol
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    Get back to us when you pull a set of triples.
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    No way! :) I don't have any desire to go into feeders.
  8. TooTechie

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    Yeah, there was a car to the left of where I was standing so I couldn't get square to it, but when I walked up next to it, it was ballpark 2 feet difference including the rear bumper frame of my truck.
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    That's what I drive on the daily. No big deal. Just a big car.
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    You need to get back out into the sticks.:happy-very:
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    I hope you recorded this picture taking as break time, you are killing our numbers.
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    Best equipment this company has.
  13. Nimnim

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    Actually given the angle of the picture you're giving the PC a greater coverage towards the rear so the actual size of the PC to bus is less. From my memories riding a school bus the width of a window is greater than 1 foot and it seems the standard width required by safety standards is 22 inches. So seeing a full window, plus the back and part of a second window, we can easily conclude it's greater than 2 feet.

    Heck holding my ruler up to the monitor and measuring the window and the visible area around it I'd say there's about 42 inches visible meaning 3.5 feet. Combine that with the angle and the back of your PC is most likely 4 feet or more ahead of the rear of the bus.

    Here's where some fun comes in though, It appears the front doors of the PC are aligned with the entrance to the bus, and I have a hard time finding buses these days that aren't flat on the front unlike the PC. So with rough measurements with a ruler on the monitor and considering the angle of the shot If this is a flat fronted bus the size of the PC vs the size of the bus is indeed within a couple feet.

    Just for fun I went a little further and tried to measure the shadows on the ground, and it appears to hold up to be around/under 2 feet as well.

    I decide to do strange things sometimes when I should be getting sleep. . . [​IMG]
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    How many toothpicks are left in the box?
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    Show me a picture of a box of toothpicks and I can try to work it out. [​IMG]
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    next time, take a car salesman with you to stand off to the side and align both front bumpers (they are experts),
    then take the picture
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    I'm positive your cargo is less annoying.
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  20. Cementups

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    You ain't kidding.