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    I was involved in bumper rub yesterday after an idiot pulled infront of me while he was turning into the gas station I was going straight with a green light. No damage. Although I was mad and got in his face and said a few choice words. There was no damage everything was good. Next thing police came to my house. Dude tried to say I did a hit and run but the officer new better. Advised us to leave the insurance out of it since theirs no damage. I asked her if it would be on my record and she said no. but a police report was made. If there is not a DMV report or insurance claim is it considered and accident?
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    I wouldn't think so. But either way, I wouldn't volunteer any off the clock accident information...past or present to UPS. However...if you are asked about any tickets, accidents, etc at any point in the future....do not lie. If there is a police report, there is a paper trail..if directly asked by management...don't omit the incident. JMHO
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    There are two types of accidents: property damage accidents and bodily injury accidents. You had neither. Rubbin's not an accident... Rubbin's racin'.