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    I have been with the company less than a year ( package operations )and wonder if driving feeder trucks or even frieght trucks is possible to do if I already have a CDL ( class A )? In the Indy area, I have recently seen part-time management take a full time drivers spot( who has been there for four years )? Just wondering about the outside hire possibility?
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    Dunno about the outside hire stuff, but maybe you can get some feeder work on the grounds that you're an available, qualified, alternative to using management fill-ins or outside hires. I'm working next to a pt with a Class-A who's pointing toward refreshing his skills to get shift work (at feeder pay) etc. at peak or otherwise when the supply of qualified bargaining unit drivers is exhausted. Understand management is amenable... "Package operations" means what?
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    You guys will have to go to feeder school before they will allow you to go on road to cover a feeder run. Shifting on property may be a different story! UPS Freight is a different company.
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    If you're in UPS already, you'll have to wait for "Feeder School" sign-up list to go up in building. Sign it, then wait to see if your seniority will allow you to be called. Here, there was a time when no senior dudes and dudettes wanted it so they went to P/T that already had CDL.

    From outside? How can you come from outside when you're already INSIDE? But, they do take from outside when 6-1 ratio is filled or they cannot find enough to fill from inside.

    UPSF is different animal. You wanna try there? If business is up in Indy, they may take you off street right now.

    Just depends on where you wanna go and how long you wanna wait.
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    Going out driving is one of the ways for part time management to get a full time management position (at least in my area). They use the 6 for 1 option to do this. After a while (about 6 months I think) of driving the sup comes back and is promoted to full time management. There have been a few sups that stayed on as drivers and did not go back to management. Needless to say, the higher ups were not pleased. This has not happened very often though.

    My understanding of this was so that the sup would get some understanding of what it was like to be a driver and hopefully have some insight of what drivers go through every day when they in turn are someday supervising them. Wishful thinking, I know.
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    From what I am understanding from your post you are most likely a casual or cover driver, in our center the fact that you possess a class A licence is a very good thing because we are always looking for feeder drivers and you could become a feeder casual driver or possibly work both package and feeders (different weeks obviously) but this should help in giving you more stability in consistently working and having less lay offs. In most situation here when a sup goes into driving it is only to get his or hers required 30 days of qualification to become full time management, in a rare case this person does stay in the driver classification and gain seniority but as stated earlier this is not viewed upon favorably by the upper ups, in a five year span we had 3 part time sups move into full time driver and decided to stay in the driver position, only one remains the other two were terminated for various reasons.
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    You may also want to check and see if you're able to even bid for feeder from your center. I know our local is excluded from bidding (and so are a few others) due to the fact we're remote centers and all feeders are based out of Seattle. We were able to for awhile, but the big local up north locked us all out (thankfully a few of our guys were able to keep their foots in the door and keep their feeder jobs). Doesn't seem fair, since alot of these feeder routes originate from our building and we're excluded from getting them. So you may want to check and see if it's even an option first.