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    Hi, I am just curious. My husband has been signing up to drive for UPS. He is currently working there part-time. We know that his time will come but he is very anxious about it. I was just wondering if there is anything else he could be doing to move up other than just signing up? Can he talk to HR or anything to help get in sooner? Also.. what is a "normal" time for getting off? I know it'll prob. be late, right? Also, once he is hired on as a driver does he have to do any special training first and if so how long and what? Thanks so much!
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    ANYONE? please?
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    not that i know of but when he goes full time you will wish he would quit very long hours and stress
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    First the time frame for getting to actually drive is dictated by

    a. the number of seniority employees ahead of him
    b. the number of available slots in the center he is working.

    The time frame before he gets an opportunity to qualify is also dictated by the size of the center. In one of our buildings, which is a smaller extended center, we have people who have been waiting 5-7 years for an opportunity. In our bigger hub we have people who have gotten the opportunity within 6 months to a year due to the fact we had a lot of feeder routes put in and in turn we had to promtoe a lot of package drivers to take their place.

    Another thing to consider: under our agreement with the union in this area of the country a person goes through a one week training class. From there he is placed on a list as "ready to train". Once he meets this level he still may have to wait a while until the center says they are ready for a driver. Once the center says this, the person gets 30 days to qualify - learning the route, meeting performance measures, no accidents, etc. If he makes it through the 30 day period he is consider "full time" and starts on his 24 month pay progression period.

    If he fails any part of the 30 day training, he is disqualified and can try again in a year, but he only gets two more opportunities to qualify.
    If he doesn't pass in 3 total tries he is done for life and will never get an opportunity to drive. He would have to try to qualify for an article 22.3 full time job at that point.

    You didn't say what part of the country you were in, but this how it works under the Southern Conference of the Teamsters contract.
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    Thanks so much!! He will be there for 2 years in Feb. Some of his friends have only been there 6 months - 1 year longer than him and have started to drive so I'm hoping it is soon!! I know a lot of you on here hate UPS, but he really actually likes it a lot and wants to make it his career. He is quitting school because he just hates school and is hoping that this driving job comes quickly. Also, Is the training pretty hard? We are in Oklahoma. Isn't the starting pay like $22.50/hour? Is there raises a lot or just every year?
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    His friends that have only been there six months are only doing part-time driving. Per the national master agreement you have to have at least one year of seniority before you can bid on any full-time union job. As for pay rates.......

    (c.) The progression for employees entering a package car driving or feeder position after August 1, 2002 shall be as follows:
    Start $14.70
    Seniority $15.75
    Twelve (12) months $16.80
    Twenty-four (24) months $18.90
    Thirty (30) months (current top rate)
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    Oh really? Because his friends are making like $900/ week.. that's take home pay?
  8. probably due to insane overtime that most drivers get...:wink:
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    Hmm.. I have no idea but his friend said he started out at $22.50.. but everyone on here has told me that you start out at 14.70 and you just work your way up. I guess it is worth the wait!?
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    then they are more then likely cover drivers, which start at 80% of top pay and do not go into progression, they stay at 80% till they get the last raise to top pay. hell 900 take home is about what i take home 1600 gross, then taxes 401k stock union dues united way= around 900 per week.....for a 17yr driver
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    Could you please explain to me what a cover driver is? Is that a seasonal driver?

    I have an oppurtunity to be hired as a driver and I am considering leaving my job that I have now but I have to justify taking a pay cut. Currently, I am making 50k a year but I put up with amazing amounts of BS and stress (Im in retail).
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    This not true. You need 1 year to bid another job that wouldn't be considered a promotion, ie:payraise. I had 5 months PT seniority when I landed a 22.3 job, and months after landed my current position.
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    I don't think she mentioned that he would be full time yet. It's more likely that he is going to be a part time TCD (temporary cover driver) which would be a lower pay rate, full time hrs and half the pension benifits.
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    A cover driver is used when a center can't justify hiring another full-time driver. A cover-driver is not garanteed that he/she will drive everyday. Kind of like a temp but not. A cover-driver is usually from the hub and will do his/her hub job when not driving. There are all kinds of union lingo on the rules of using a cover-driver but in a nutshell they are not full-time.