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  1. NewUPSguy

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    Probably a simple question, tried searching for the answer without any luck.

    Five year PT employee. Been driving 2 years Air and Cover. Airs almost daily and Sat. Cover only once in awhile, and through peak, haven't got my 30 days training in yet.

    Recently, a PT decided to drive and became a new Full Time driver and her pay is $18.xx hr.
    If it gets to me, because I've been driving 2 years, would I start at the $18.xx, or the air pay $26.xx or Cover pay $28.xx?
    red circle matter here?
    30 days matter here?
    I guess, I'm asking, what sets apart the difference in pay?


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  3. By The Book

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    Since your first day driving did you deliver any ground, or pick up any ground volume? Your checks would/should have shown multiple pay rates. Your first day cover may be the first day you started your progression. What did they pay you for that work?
  4. NewUPSguy

    NewUPSguy New Member

    yea, my paycheck shows the different pay depending what work I've done. On preload I earn $15, airs $26.14, cover $28.65..but when I get to FT, I was wondering if I go to the $18 and go through progression.

    Oh, I think I see what u meant. Progression starts when you start driving? even if you aren't full time yet?
  5. rorojo

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    If you are a TCD and go ft your pay rate will be $28.65.
  6. 18.75 unless you have a bid air driver job, then you can get red circled
  7. By The Book

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    Yes, you may be redcirled until the progression catches up when you go full time. You will also be on probation until you make seniority. A way to check would be if the other part time person did the same work you are doing now. If her situation was the same as yours how they are going to pay you would be the same. Please verify your supplement and how your previous work history ties into you going full time with your business agent.
  8. UnsurePost

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    Do certain areas of the country red circle TCDs? I know that exception air drivers certainly are not.
  9. BrownTexas

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    I also agree with the $28.65, If you are considered a TCD.
  10. UnsurePost

    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler

    In New England, you will be red-circled at $28.65, and you will have already made 30 days seniority entering the FT bid - but you will still have a 4 year progression and start with the new FT seniority date.
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