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    This may have been covered before but I didn't find anything when I searched. I just started working local sort in July. I have the ultimate goal of being a driver. I have applied for sat. air driver and will probably get the position. My issue is that I am a Type 1 diabetic. I am 30 and take really good care of myself. Diabetes has never been an issue. I drove every day before I got laid off (great timing) from my day job but did not have to take a DOT physical. I thought I over heard some one in the warehouse the other day say that UPS won't hire a diabetic to drive. Is this true? I am basically s***ing bricks now. What do the Dr.'s do during a DOT physical. Any insight would be great. Thanks.
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    My blood pressure at my last physical was extremely high yet they passed me. Basically its a joke, if you walk in there breathing then they will pass you. So stop beating yourself over this non-issue.
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    its a normal check up, check blood pressure, vision, ears, knee reflexes, breathing and a drug test. when you fill out the form before you start, it will ask if you have diabetes and you will state yes, but if you're controlled and have no problem then dont worry about it
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    We had 2 drivers develop diabetes that I know of. The first was taking oral medication and was allowed to drive. The second used insulin and was disqualified from driving. The company created a position for him. He told me that if you are insulin dependent, then you cannot get a DOT card.

    Actually they don't test for drugs unless you are in feeders. What they do is check your urine for sugar.
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    You drove without a DOT physical? Without a ME certificate? You mean you drove a package car, right?
    I don't understand how they'd allow that.

    I'd ask around before just answering "yes" to the diabetes question at the physical.
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    I 2nd what Bigbaboo said, I knew a guy who drove taking a pill but when his diabetes got worse and on insulin he couldn't get a dot card
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    there's a guy here in Spokane who has to have a special exemption from his doctor. It has to be renewed every year, and if he misses his renewal he has to work in the building until his exemption is given to ups. It's not impossible, it's just a pain in the arse.
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    We have a driver here who has diabetes (I don't know which type) ands he is limited to driving only the 470s (Sprinter vans) or smaller.
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    No tickets or accidents with in 12 months, no more than 2 within 3 years. No alcohol related offenses within last 3 years. And you must be able to pass a DOT physical. I know of a few Deaf employees that were unable to drive because they could not pass the DOT physical. So, it comes down to the doctors decisions not UPS
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    I don't know if it's the same in the US, but in the UK and as far as I know the rest of Europe, anyone with Type 1 Diabetes that is insulin dependant isn't allowed to drive any goods vehicle over 7.5 ton GCW or any passenger vehicle for reward I.E. minibus, bus, coach. Any driver who develops Diabetes automatically has their Licence revoked.