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  1. bb111

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    Can someone inform me if this is true, I was told that you have to memorize a 7 page saying to pass driving school. I would like any info. on this please, thanks!
  2. rocket man

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    ITS About 7 paragraphs during school your not required to do your job just study it back and forth side ways it can be done.you will be ok.good luck number 9 look over your left shoulder.when pulling out.:whiteflag:
  3. PassYouBy

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    Believe me, they will drill the heck out of ya in class... I was fortunate enough to have enough time before going to school. Know your 10 Point Commentary and the 5 Seeing Habits. If you don't know them by the time you get there, you will when you leave!!:knockedout:
    I was lucky to have a co-worker go with me when I went. Spent almost every night at Ryans' eating and studying:dead:.

    Good luck...:peaceful:
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  5. Cementups

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    The food at Ryan's sucks. More sodium in their food than a jar of Morton's
  6. barnyard

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    I recorded the 10 point commentary, 5 seeing habits and 10 rules for backing on a mini cassette recorder and played and repeated them during my commute to school. We had to recite them during our final driving test and the test was not over until you had recited all of them.

  7. PassYouBy

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    That salad I had sure was salty! :wink2: And don't get me started on the water!
  8. bb111

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    Can someone list the info needed to know I would really appreciate it. I will be going to school shortly and want to prepare as soon as possible!
  9. thebrownbox

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    wow my friend was just telling me about this today since I saw the training truck.
  10. feeder53

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    I came on during the holidays and they were constantly asking all these questions of the four of us in class. I just looked up at the walls and there they were......posters everywhere with all that info on them. After a while you tend to remember them.
  11. browwn

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    hey, dont stress school...i was worried, didn't want to fail and wanted to suceed so i can make alot of money as a driver....to be honest...get there on time,...they will teach u everything you need to know...including the diad....you dont need to memorize anything....the 10 point com, and 5 seeing habits yes....but its not bad at all.....from what i see and hear...everyone passes..unless u get intoan accident while driving, at school....
  12. dilligaf

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    We had to write them verbatim. I studied with index cards. I wrote each part of the 5 seeing habits on separate cards and them mixed them all up. After sorting them out repeatedly you start learning them. After that writing them down was easy. I just wished I could have remembered them all earlier today for my OJS LOL