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    So I'm trying to be a Saturday air driver, I had the road test in the P1000 at my hub It really was a crappy truck.. anyways Monday I've been taking the class for Saturday driving, I assume they want you to know it word for word.. so say I did that is that it? I've already had the test in the training car.. The whole thing is just confusing because some reason they have me listed as wanting to become full time but I just want to do Saturday air to get started with, so that means I have to stay the whole week instead of just the two days.

    I'am more worked up over the 5 seeing habits and the 10 points more then driving the training car
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    Lucky you.
    I was given a road test & working the next day .
    None of this fancy driving school , it was learn on the road .
    Given the fact that back in 1988 , no one else signed up to be an air driver I got all the work.
    It was up to me to convince other p/t's to volunteer just so I could get some days off.
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    brownbox, if you really want to learn the 5&10, sit down with a blank piece of paper and try to write them down * the writing will reinforce the memory learning and it will also highlight very quickly those ares where you are weak * good luck