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    I got into a minor accident during one of the snow storms here recently. No police report was filed and both insurances were on there own. I'm a temp driver right now, so come June when they run my record would the accident pop up at all? Also, if you have your 30 days in does a speeding ticket or accident revoke you from driving?
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    Aren't you that guy?
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    Was the accident in your personal or company vehicle?
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    As long as you were not fired for a moving violation. No worries
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    I am still not sure whether the accident was in a pkg car or his personal vehicle.
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    My answer would depend upon whether he was on the clock or not.
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    The Op has been working at UPS for 5 years just recently starting what he says is a TEMP driver which probably is a PT cover driver. If the Accident happen while in a UPS vehicle and he didn't report it to his SUP he would be wise to keep his mouth shut and move on like it didn't happen. If it happen on a UPS vehicle he most likely wouldn't currently be driving.....

    If the vehicle happen on his personal vehicle than it would be based on if the OP filed a claim with his insurance or if the other persons insurance filed a claim against the OP.

    From what the OP says it sounds like they both decided that filing a claim wasn't worth it and they both were at fault and they would both just pay for the damages themselves. In this case the OP doesn't have to report it....

    the easiest way to figure it out is when the OP car insurance is comes up for renewal he should get a print out of his driving record which helps determine how much his car insurance will be... If the incident in question isn't on the record than he doesn't have to report it.
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    The statement "both insurances were on their own" leads me to believe it was in a personal vehicle. Not sure any of us concern ourselves with the insurance end of an accident at work.