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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by my2cents, Jan 12, 2003.

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    Okay, its the dead of winter (up north anyway) with the accompanying dry and cold air. Whether one works inside or out, many people are plagued with dry and chapped hands.

    Speaking for myself, I'm a hand lotion user. Otherwise my hands get those little cuts in them. Many of my co-workers wear gloves of various types. One co-worker gave me a pair of Wonder Gloves to try out. I noticed women are more likely to wear gloves than men, especially if they have well-manicured hands. Anyway, to those who suffer from this condition, do you have any tips or solutions, which work for you?
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    I use gloves made from Iron Clad. You can find them at finer wood working stores. Costly...25$ a pair. They were designed for people who build houses in the winter. You can get them with any combination of fingers cut out. I like having the thumb,pointing finger and middle half cut. It makes it easier for using the DIAD. I know some guy at work who uses all fingers full. They were built with dexderity in mind,strength, warmth and durability. I used to go through gloves about 1 pair a week. Now I have gone through 2 pair in 1 and a half winters. Good stuff
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    Invest in a good humidifier and run it 24-7 til spring. You will be amazed at the difference it makes. Gloves are always good, but keeping your house "humidified" allows all the dry skin to heal up overnight. I stopped lotion entirely.
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    Iron clad gloves from amazon.com, the framers gloves look perfect.
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    Thanks guys. Good tips. This is a subject which comes up from time to time at work. I plan to share the information posted here with my fellow co-workers.
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    I dont like gloves. The best hand cream Ive found is Neutrogena.
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    neutrogena is what I used to use, but since I started running a humidifier during the winter months, I havent needed it.
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    I use the "Iron Clad" gloves also. The Box handler to be specific. I only get 3 to 4 weeks use out of them, but I feel they are worth the investment
  9. Sounds peculiar, but "Bag Balm," made for cow udders, works wonders[​IMG]

    (bummer, there wasn't a little icon thing for a cow...the jester will have to do.)
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    Keep your hands in your pockets and use only your elbows.

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    "Keep your hands in your pockets and use only your elbows."

    I was going to have a fit about your lack of understanding and then realized you are not even trying. I sat next to a guy in Jr.High who believed in your theory. Are you bored?
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    I think he was trying to make a funny[​IMG]

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    I love that bag balm! It works wonders for my dry hands!

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    Cute website for Bag Balm. Turn your speakers on. Mooooo.