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    :confused:1 I am currently a preloader in the Omaha NE hub. I received a DUI last January, and am just wondering if I have to wait the full 3 years for the DUI to be cleared to try and become a driver or if I only have to wait a full year. This is kind of a stupid question but I ask all my drivers and none of them know how much time I will have to wait. One of them told me it might only be 12 months.

    Any info would be appreciated

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    Talk to your union because it probably varies by state. I'd be suprised if they allow just 12 months, considering the offence you comitted was on the road, and UPS obsesses over on road safety.
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    We had a driver who got a dui in his personal vehicle, and he was allowed an inside job until his suspension ended. He drove for about 2 years until he failed a sobriety test on route.

    UPS UPS UPS Guest

    Driver Qualification File (DQF) requires no moving violations in the past 12 months, no serious violations (DWI, DUI, Wreckless Driving) in the past 36 months companywide.
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    I was recently speaking to someone who had the same unfortunate incident.
    In any case, I think its 12 months, and less than four points on your license. JWIAT (just what I was told)
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    Good god..... As much as I'd love to do that work drunk, it just leaves you dizzy, light headed, and dehydrated...
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    Had a feeder driver fired here last summer. Blew a .17 pulling doubles.
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    I'm sure that a certain feeder driver, who regularly post on here, will somehow come up with a reason why it is UPS management's fault the driver was drunk while driving a set of doubles. Management drove the poor driver to drink by continually harrassing him, and making his life miserable. Management had the nerve to demand he speed and not take his lunch, having no regard for his safety. Management doesn't care about this driver, all management cares about is making money. This feeder driver, like all other employees of UPS, is a decent, hard working man, who only wants to provide for his family, and UPS management turned him into a drunk driver, placing innocent lives in danger.
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    Are you this annoying in person?
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    OK, Vette, I give you a LOL for that post!
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    I knew I could count on you:thumbup1:
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    I saw the worst thing tonight on my way home, hoping like he77 to get home before dark. There in front of me, in front of the semi I was overtaking, here goes a pick up just floating over into a car passing him, she almost regained it and he came back, she went in the median, He went in the woods, never even hit his brakes. The guy behind me went to her, I went to the woods. He was jammed between 2 trees, through the snow, wild animal fence whatever its called, and hit a tree. The truck is still running and it is smoking like its going to blow, I couldnt get my hand in the door, but I got it opened enough to make him be able to hear over the hissing and started yelling at the guy like women do, which seems to awake most men, I finally saw him move. I kept telling him to shut off the key. I thought he was unresponsive because of a medical problem or possibly injury...........Nope not even drunk. He finally shut off the key, and I saw death. The truck smelled like ether, and then I noticed a trail of paint and beer cans all the way thru the trail he came through the woods. He had a rag in his hand I thought he was wiping blood, he was huffing paint thinner. His back doors on his camper top must have blown open and then back shut when he crashed. And all that stuff came flying out. The cops showed up, and got caught in the fence I warned them about, and immediately told me to back up as he wasnt sure what was in the back of this guys truck. I pulled the fence away and watched this cop put the lite in this guys face and ask him if he was drunk, and then he saw the rag, and he told the guy to get out, get out now, "whats in the back of your truck sir" He couldnt even talk, he had totally passed out on the road. And I went to my truck and called home, now the whole highway was shut down while they got him out, got the other driver to the hospital, and at least 5 fire trucks there, and seven ohsp, and multiple volunteer fd. The lady didnt want to go to the hospital. I told her to as she took one hell of a ride. But I can rest assured this guy had no vehicle insurance, probaly not even a license. And I was hoping the truck would just blow up with him in it and hurt no one else.

    Does that make me mean? And will he be free tomorrow? How much did that little escapade cost us, the taxpayers, to protect people from themselves. Had I been a 30 seconds sooner on the road, it could have been me. Since I was probaly flying just below the radar, would I have fared as well as a car that got 360'd, in a Pick up truck. I probaly would have driven into the median, while she just tooted her horn. Im telling you it scared me, to think people like that not only walk, but drive among us.
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    tooner....if you had knocked 30 seconds off of your delivery day, you'd have been screwed.

    Wow! That is a scary story! You never know what's driving out there all around you. Sounds like you had your guardian angel along with you.
    Thanks for sharing this story and I hope you were able to come down from the adrenaline high and unwind once you got home. Glad you are OK.
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    Bet Tooner didn't sleep much last night! (Bang in today, girl!!!)

    "if you had knocked 30 seconds off of your delivery day, you'd have been screwed."

    More's right. I will slow it down from now on!
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    haha! Nice one!