Dump Keter Now!

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    X SAFETY Guest

    We have been using Keter since 1995, has anyone seen any good come from them. All I have seen is a lot pain and anxiety form management and employees. Does anyone know what the total cost of Keter audit is? Its time to get back to real safety training. Dump the Keter man.
  2. siouxman

    siouxman siouxman

    you might be a redneck if you name your first born keter
  3. tups

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    Dump Keter Now??? But Why???? We all need a safety audit slammed in our faces right in the middle of peak, don't we? It's been almost 3 months since those clowns been in our building, so I'd imagine they'll be back soon.
  4. RockyRogue

    RockyRogue Agent of Change

    Clowns, indeed. All these morons do is slam safety audits in people's faces and mess up the operation. They also bring stress nobody--management OR hourly--needs when you're getting you A%$ handed to you! -Rocky
  5. Six Sides

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    I agree, "Dump The Keter Man"
  6. brett636

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    From what I gather reading this forum Ketter was the answer to keeping UPS from getting fined millions by OSHA.
  7. RockyRogue

    RockyRogue Agent of Change

    It certainly hasn't done much good where I am! Keep in mind I've worked in TWO UPS hubs, too! -Rocky
  8. alister

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    its cheaper to pay Ketter than it is to pay osha. I wish it was cheaper to fix the problem than it was to pay osha or ketter.
  9. MissedBusiness

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    its never even a surprise. the keter audits are always known beforehand. some surprise.
  10. X Safety

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    Keter is now owned by Liberty Mutual. Sounds like a conflict of interest. The insurance company does the audit on the people and buildings they insure. You fail and the costs go up.
  11. VTBrown

    VTBrown Member

    Conflict of interest for an insurance company to want to take a look at WHY they are paying so many claims?

  12. Safety

    Safety Guest

    Actually this could be more then a conflict of interest, it could be a violation of the corporate settlement agreement signed with OSHA back in 1995. In that agreement UPS was to contract with an outside vender to complete audits to insure compliance with OSHA. Liberty Mutual has been processing claims for UPS as a self insured company for decades, as well as doing safety audits and employee observations to reduce risk in the work place. Now that Keter is under the Liberty umbrella this could void them as a truly independent auditor. I would not be surprised if Keter is replaced when their current contract expires in 2008.
  13. mulligan

    mulligan mulligan

    Keter audits are actually controlled by UPS upper management. I should say the content of the audits. I have had Keter auditors tell me that UPS's submissions to the audits are actually stricter than what OSHA requires.
    Blame upper management, don't get on your local mangement.
  14. BILLYOPP69

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    Why bother stressing out about Keter audits, Pass or Fail your still paid on Thursday!!!:laugh:
  15. VTBrown

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    EXACTLY......well Friday.
  16. finaddict

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    The company requires I know 5 seeing habits, a 10 point commentary, 8 keys to lifting and lowering, 5 keys to preventing slips and falls, and a Safe Work Method (SWM) review. Well, all the above are printed and given to us on two 3 1/2" by 5 1/2" cards. I keep them on the sink in front of the "throne" and review them between pinches. :crying: Not too tough.:tongue_sm I had to memorize 168 pages of useless military trivia to make SGT at my previous job. :confused:1 (Pretty good selection of smilies by the way)
  17. guyin916

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    the whole west sacramento hub failed.. lol
  18. Passed

    Passed Guest

    Has any building passed??
  19. "Has any building passed??"

    The only people who pass are the morons who take it home as homework.
  20. LKLND3380

    LKLND3380 Active Member

    We got a cook out for our building because we passed with a perfect score on the Ketar Audit:thumbup1: